The Justice Department now reviewing the decision not to prosecute two FBI agents for their fails in the Nasser investigation

New information has apparently come to light in the Department of Justice investigation into the FBI’s bungling of the Larry Nasser investigation and it is reevaluating its decision not to prosecute two FBI agents, Michael Langeman and Jay Abbott.

Langeman, the agent who had interviewed gymnast McKayla Maroney, was fired. Bigger fish agent Jay Abbott, who actually tried to game a security position with USA Gymnastics as he prepared to collect his government pension and conveniently ignored the Nasser investigation, was allowed to retire with full benefits. Too bad about that head of security position, Jay. That’s just what young women need–a guy like you on security detail.

Last month several renowned gymnasts who were abused by Nassar┬áspoke before a senate panel about the lack of accountability and inaction and expressed outraged over the Justice Department’s decision to not charge Langeman and Abbott, who were referred by the department’s inspector general for potential prosecution.

Imagine if the OCCK case only involved lack of accountability and inaction.