Dates of releases of two composites.

Thank you to a reader.

March 19, 1977:

March 26, 1977:

And as for the question “Who shelters killer of 4 kids?,” might I suggest the names H. Lee Busch, Elsie Busch and L. Brooks Patterson, for starters?

Much of Birmingham, MI, this is for you:

“When people want to believe that the world is just, and that bad things won’t happen to them, empathy can suffer.”

It helps to be an old neighbor of H. Lee

Here is a photo montage of Hastings circa 1977, the first composite shown to the public in the wake of Tim’s abduction (“person of interest”) and a photo of Hastings later in life, presumably from FaceBook. A reader sent it to me. I am not sure where it originated, but probably one of Helen Dagner’s websites. Check out the hair and the distinctive nose. Pretty disturbing.

Say what you will about composite drawings, but all you have to do is read polygrapher Steve Duncan’s evaluation of his interview and the polygraphs he administered to John Hastings to know this deserved more inquiry, not the “no comment (ever)” and “it will blow over” approach of the MSP.