“West Bloomfield man cleared in child killings.”

Thank you to a reader who found this brief article in the Detroit Free Press (1-16-80) that was a follow up to the arrest of Ralph Wayne Bryie:


Looks like the sheriff’s office cleared him and perhaps not in consultation with the 1980 version of the MSP “task force.” Maybe he had an alibi for one of the abduction or body dump dates. Maybe he got one of those magic polygraphs from somebody like Melvin Scott or Ralph Cabot. One thing’s for damn sure: Nobody asked him about the child sex and porn ring that was operating out of GM and in Oakland County. In Oakland County?? GM?? Never!!

Did you ever see an article about Christopher Busch that said “Because of the nature of the [CSC with minors] charge, [he] was questioned in the murders of four Oakland County children in 1976-77”? Being a salvage inspector for GM Truck and Coach in Pontiac is a little different that being a pedophile son of someone from GM Corporate.

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