More WTF?

People smarter than I have discovered discrepancies in the actual documentary evidence in this case. Yesterday it was two Tip #370’s. Today it is four polygraphs. This is mostly a public corruption case, not an unsolved serial murder/rape case. If somebody has a logical explanation for any of this bullshit, a lot of us would like to hear it.

It was a busy week from Tuesday, January 25, 1977 to Tuesday, February 1, 1977 at the Flint P.D. As you recall, on January 25 Greene, who had been arrested for sexually assaulting boys on the baseball team he coached, told police Chris Busch killed Mark Stebbins. This became Tip #369 in the OCCK case:

Based on what Greene said, police determined Greene “was more of a suspect than Busch,” and Greene became the subject of Tip #370, as outlined in what I call the first Tip #370, below:

The body of this little report indicates that the following day, January 26, 1977, Greene was then interviewed by Richard Thompson (OCP chief deputy) and Gary Hawkins (OCP investigator and whatever), and Southfield Lt. Simmons. Then Greene was polygraphed twice that day at Flint PD, as indicated above.

The report section of the “second” Tip #370 states it a bit differently, listing two polygraphs given to Greene on January 26, but with Greene then being interviewed by Thompson, Hawkins and Simmons.

Yet we have a report from Flint PD Sgt. Melvin Scott, provided to Det. Doan concerning a 5-question polygraph Scott administered to Greg Greene on 27 Jan 77.

I’m not the greatest math person, but that’s looking like polygraph #3 on old Greene. Whatever was learned on January 25-27 via interviews of Greg Greene and those polygraphs, as well as the interview of victim Ken Bowman, it was enough to issue an arrest warrant for Chris Busch’s on January 28, 1977, in Alma. He was driven to Flint PD and at 8 pm on the 28th, he was given a polygraph, not by Melvin Scott of Flint PD, but by Ralph Cabot of the Michigan State Police. An “upgrade,” if you will.

Tip #369, above, indicates in the report section that a polygraph was run on Busch on January 28.

To compound the math difficulty, there is another polygraph report dated February 1, 1977, on another exam conducted on Greg Greene, this time by Ralph Cabot.

There are two polygraph reports in the FOIA documents covering exams given to Greene on January 27 and February 1. So where are the reports on the two polygraphs administered to Greene on January 26? Who administered them? And why didn’t either of the two Tip 370s list the January 27 and the February 1 polygraph exams?

And which of the “old polygraph charts” of Busch and Greene were actually reviewed by Robert Dykstra, John Wojnaroksi and Tim Larion?

By February 1, Busch was walking free after his bond was reduced from $75,000 to $1,000. Polygraph magic. I just want to know why it took four polygraphs to make magic with Greg Greene, who was going up the river forever, no matter what.

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