Richard Thompson double-checking on March 17, 1977

Look who checked out the Oakland County CSC with a minor case file on Chris Busch on March 17, 1977, less than 24 hours after my brother Tim “went missing”–friend of families of murdered children and chief deputy to L. Brooks Patterson, “no deals” Richard Thompson.

This case was filed against Chris Busch by Oakland County on behalf of victim Ken Bowman on or about February 25, 1977. This crime was revealed during questioning of Busch and Greg Greene in Flint the last week of January 1977.

Maybe Thompson had to make sure nothing in that file was going to blow up on him and Brooksie after Busch walked out of the Flint lock up for the low, low price of $1,000 a few weeks before my brother was abducted on March 16, 1977.

That’s what my brother’s life was worth to these men. $1,000. On March 17 maybe Thompson just wanted some light reading material. Or maybe he and his boss were sweating after another kid was abducted after Busch’s get-out-of-jail-almost-free card. Not to worry, Dick. Nobody gave enough of a shit to check on your boy Busch while Tim was held captive for six days.

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