“At this time we are not accepting any interviews.”

This morning a reader expressed the wish that a “reporter with kahunas of steel” would question Richard Thompson, Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton about their actions in the OCCK case and the “state” of the case file documents. None of them will talk. Even if put under oath I don’t believe they would ever tell the truth. “I don’t recall” would be the phrase you would hear over and over.

Here’s what happens when a retired reporter with kahunas of steel continues to try to get answers from the Michigan State Police (start at the bottom and read up):

When you can’t claim amnesia or old age, just refuse to accept an interview. The only thing staying silent in this case does is protect the criminals–those who participated in the OCCK crimes and those who betrayed their oath and hid the truth.

Can you spot the differences?

Do you remember the picture puzzles in little kid magazines where there were two seemingly identical drawings next to each other and you were supposed to pick out the subtle differences? Here’s one for the adults:

The second document was the version from the FOIA response provided by Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton to the FOIA request made by the media.

Rewriting a tip sheet can’t be typical protocol, can it?

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