4 thoughts on “More case documents”

  1. I have no idea how you process all this Cathy…

    I may have missed it, but does anyone know why Ray Anger needed to be swabbed for DNA (as well as some officer named Paunovich)? (Page 323 of final document in this set.)

  2. Interesting info on Officer Chris Flynn suicide might have come after he molested a child.,also the information on 1967 blue tempest and blue paint chips found on two victims
    As for all the other freaks it could have been any one of them, so many seem to match the composite sketches it’s crazy the list of potential killers is a mile long.


  3. Based on the letter from Tony Karrick and the Everell Fisher letter posted previously, It’s pretty obvious that Everell Fisher was involved. It looks like Tony died from “natural causes” in 2014. Why would he need immunity?

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