Many of the remaining documents from this big file are duplicates of documents contained in other files. I am trying to go through them carefully to avoid posting duplicates. I did find the document referencing the address 3340 Bloomcrest, Bloomfield Township (Bloomfield Hills), Michigan. This document not only references the address in Bloomfield Hills, but also a suspect name: Thomas Edward Trestrail (last name misspelled on document).

The tax records for 1976 show taxes were paid on the home by Calvin D. Trestrail.

Thomas Edward Trestrail was 24-years-old in 1977. There is no tip sheet in the documents I have, but whatever information was given, it resulted in two pieces of carpet being removed from this address as evidence in my brother’s case. There was a guest house on the property. It is now known as 3340 1/2 Bloomcrest. (Thanks to a reader.)

Another home in rarified air. People living in this area literally want for nothing. Maybe that’s why there were sick people living there like H. Lee Busch, Chris Busch, John Hastings, Richard McNamee, and Bill Shaffer (https://catherinebroad.blog/2014/06/12/bill-shaffer-we-know-what-you-were-up-to-you-monster/), among god knows who else. Here is a map to give you two reference points, 3310 Morningview Terrace (Busch residence in 1977) and 3340 Bloomcrest Drive:

Another document of interest is this one, dated March 3, 1978, reflecting the receipt of fiber evidence in my brother’s case from 32225 Evergreen, Beverly Hills. It references Tip 4978, which is not attached of course, and the listing for suspect on this page is “None.”

Map showing Evergreen Road address, Busch home again used as reference point. All could have been nothing, but now knowing what we do about the very active child sex ring and their high-end clients in Oakland County, all of these tips point to some very nasty business well outside of the Cass Corridor in Detroit.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to pursue this. I am a grandmother now of three precious boys, this case still haunts me. On March 16, 1977, I was aboard a bus headed to Power Junior High; my sister was on the bus behind me on the way to Gill Elementary. Both busses were halted at 8 mile & Gill Road that awful morning and we witnessed the discovery of your precious brother. It is forever burned into mine and my sister’s memories and life changed that day for many of us forevermore. I never drive pass that place without saying a prayer for you and your family. God bless you and your brothers.

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