Files, continued.

This next batch is interesting for its seeming randomness and of course the lack of explanation–where did it come from, who prepared it, and in some cases–why?

I am not including about 100 pages of documents that consist of LEXIS/NEXIS searches concerning two families, as well as family tree information for them. I could guess as to why these searches were performed, but the lengthy reports contain many probably unrelated names and addresses, so I don’t see the need to post them.

One folder contains public records searches for various members of the Rukkila family, including Urho Rukkila (pleadings in a 1973 Oakland County personal injury lawsuit; Rukkila is the defendant); Bruce Arnold Rukkila and Rodney Rukkila (police report dated 5-27-77 for speeding (1975 2-door brown Chevy van), open container and weed in West Branch, MI); Leonard Rukkila; and Marvin Rukkila (1927-2010). This information appears to have been compiled by law enforcement in January 2012.

The next contains a 40-page family history for the Jylha family, including more than 12 family members, all with ties to Michigan, including Bay City, Hillman, Marquette County and Kent County, among others. This report appears to have been run by law enforcement in January 2012.

It also contains a separate 43-page family history of the Rukkila family, which looks like it was run in December 2011.

What follows next is the MSP Metro North #21 file on Mark Stebbins’ case. It is largely, if not entirely, duplicative of what has been posted from other sources. Just Mark’s case, none of the others.

The next two files requires some commentary on my part, to point out the absurdity of and lies made by the late Berkley PD Det/Sgt Ray Anger, life-long, emeritus member of the OCCK “task force.” Next post.

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