“In an effort to be methodical . . .” [2003]

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  1. Bob Kenney

    I find pages 266, 267 and 268 of these documents extremely interesting.
    Page 266 is a tip called in on Frank Shelden on Feb. 23 of 1977 by Sgt. Joel Gorsen of the St. Clair bureau of the MSP. This is the county that includes Port Huron where Gerald Richards was arrested in late July of 1976 and issued a warrant for Shelden for CSC crimes there and at N. Fox Island.
    Of even greater interest is the newspaper article on page 267 stating that Shelden was wanted for questioning in the OCCK murders.
    This is the first time I’ve seen Shelden mentioned as a suspect in the OCCK crimes. This was about 1 month after Kris’s body was dumped and about 3 weeks before Tim King was abducted.
    Of course, Shelden was never caught and it doesn’t seem the MSP followed up on this tip.
    I wonder why Gorsen thought Shelden needed to be looked at for the OCCK crimes?
    Page 268 is a tip called in on the same date for Josiah Tazelaar by Gorsen.
    Tazelaar was guilty of many bad things, but I don’t believe he was involved in the OCCK.

  2. Just digging in but the pervert described on page 29 sounds an awful lot like Chris Busch, who was known to expose himself to children. He was driving a red Pontiac LeMans, I know it was a popular model but they sure turn up a lot in this case. As an executive, H. Lee would have had access to any number of new GM products to borrow for a few days so it stands to reason that Chris might have been driving something besides his blue Vega. But then again, there were a lot freaks on the prowl at that time so it could have been anyone.

  3. Here are some things that I noticed. Of course they generate many more questions.

    1) Page 14: There is the handwritten “R” that was discussed on this blog in the post on January 14, 2022 entitled “Relevant handwRiting”. I am not a handwriting expert, but it appears similar. However now it is “R for Robert”. In addition, the R for Robertson is written differently.

    2) Page 109: Patterson & Thompson signed the funeral book. What prompted them to appear at the funeral? Did they always show up at other funerals pertaining to their cases? Did they already know this murder was similar to other murders that went under the radar in the media? Did they show up together at all funerals in their jurisdiction? Did someone write their names for them? Possibly as a joke? Also, the “R” signed in the guest book does not match the already mentioned “R” above. Both names appear to be written by the same person.

    3) Is it a coincidence that the name above them in the guest book was a person named in a tip by a neighbor? The tip is buried in another document that said “the Soucie boys” beat up and molested Mark at the Ferndale Little Caesar’s.

    4) Page 113: William Peterson signed the guest book. Is he the link to Greene? Is he the person that is Greene’s friend in Ferndale? Did they meet in California in 1972? Other documents indicate Peterson was arrested 3/5/72 in Santa Ana, CA for petty theft. Greene was arrested in Huntington Beach, CA on 9/4/72 for conspiracy to commit burglary, forged bills, kidnapping, false imprisonment, & receiving and concealing stolen property.

  4. Here are some things I noticed about the Robinson murder per document dump:

    1) Body dumped near a mile marker. (common GPS tracking for CBers back in the 70s)
    2) Killer may have belonged to Scanner Club and drove a car that looked just like a Maverick.
    3)CBer reports car similar to the car parked at 7/11 where Kristine was last seen (area where JIll lived, too)
    4)Man with scanner watched area where Stebbins body was dumped.
    5)One police report claims hitchiker that bummed a ride with a man and a little girl that fit the description of Jill states he was picked up in Toledo; another states “downriver” off I-75. (Something’s afloat here?)
    6)Wonder which house near JIll and Stebbins was being painted at the time? Was there even paint on Jill’s bike? Did kids knock her off it?
    7) man with scanner shows up at Jill’s site after hearing the cops on the radio

    How many were dumped in snow? Stebbins was not. I can’t recall snow surrounding King either. Just the two girls.

    Lots of checking for that 12 ga shot load. Hysteria abounds.

    Ironically, one shows up at the Busch suicide scene; no 12 ga. gun to match though.

    Lonely men with radios doing what mainly women do online today-making a hobby out of gossiping about crime victims and their families. The letters to the police blaming Jill’s mother was outrageous!

    Wonder what services these radio/scanner club men offered to the victims/police when disaster struck? PI service, attorney, tow truck, snow clearing, or did they just drive in front of some and create accidents? Rental cars? Oh, yeah….news stories and book outlines.

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