Your tax dollars at work, continued–

From a larger file called “James Rukkila”:

And more regarding James Rukkila. I need to inquire about what appear to be improper redactions on page one of this next set.

To be continued.

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  1. Emanon says:

    What is the significance of James Rukkila besides allegedly being an associate of Arch Sloan (though he denied it)? Was there any point to the deep dive into him and his extended family besides diverting attention away from certain Birmingham and Bloomfield Village residents? Did I miss something or have I answered my own questions?

    • cathybroad says:

      I’m pretty sure you did.

    • Emanon says:

      Wow, look how deep they went investigating a seemingly insignificant person. Clearly the MSP leaves no stone unturned so when they say they’ve perused every lead I won’t question it. When they say the OCCK case is unsolvable I will take them at their word. The MSP and OCP are clearly among the finest organizations in their respective fields! Only a fool would think otherwise.
      That’s what I’m supposed to take away from this, right?

      • cathybroad says:

        Actually, Emanon, these documents are from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. After I finish posting all of them, I will explain further. These “deep dives” concerning people connected to Sloan took place in 2012 during the “anyone but Busch and Greene” reign of terror of Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton. They took abuse of power and gaslighting to another level, and this little file hiding charade is yet another example.

        As I will describe in greater detail this week, the most recent document drops were from files that Jessica Cooper had one of her assistant prosecutors walk over to OCS Mike Bouchard’s office to thwart any future FOIA requests. There they sat until the voters of Oakland County took their heads out of their asses and refused to reelect Cooper. They did reelect Bouchard, and he sat on these files until the new prosecutor asked this unethical employee from her office WTF the OCCK files were. What wasn’t already deep-sixed or later shredded, remained with Bouchard. When he tells his constituents he cares about this case, it is a lie. You don’t play games with documents in an allegedly OPEN SERIAL MURDER CASE. There is more to set forth after I post the remaining files.

    • cathybroad says:

      Sloan’s Bonneville was previously owned by a Rukkila.

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