MSP collaborates with Identifiers International and genetic genealogists, GED match and Family Tree DNA to solve 35-year-old cold case.

Demonstrating that in cases other than the OCCK case, the Michigan State Police Lab is capable of collaboration with more cutting edge DNA and genetic genealogy labs and companies, the MSP was able to identify and arrest a suspect in a 35-year-old murder case.

The MSP collaborated with Identifinders International LLC, and had genealogists use genome sequencing and uploaded it to public databases to construct a family tree and then hone in on the suspect in this case. The 67-year-old suspect pleaded no contest to the 1987 murder of Roxanne Leigh Wood and faces a minimum 23-year sentence.

The MSP needs to step up to the plate in the OCCK case, for once. Because your evidence retention methods were indefensibly lame in this case (for reasons I could write about at length) and the evidence may have even been used in your training of recruits over the decades (we’ll never need it! The killer is long dead, forgetaboutit), you will have to consult with Othram Labs ( or a similar laboratory to try to obtain DNA evidence. Then it’s the next steps–genome sequencing, establishing a family tree, and solid detective work to put those pieces together with your incredibly large, but apparently virtually unusable, database. You did it in Mrs. Wood’s case and you can do it in the OCCK case.

You did it for victim Roxanne Leigh Wood, but you won’t do it for four pre-teen victims of a serial killer, Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Tim King.

You need to make this right or you may need to stop sending out press releases about your big “scores” in other very old cold cases where you are using the technologies law enforcement agencies around the world are using every day to solve crimes, and continue to fail the OCCK victims.

How much more obvious can this get?!

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  1. And money excuses won’t cut it here. The MSP took grant money–a huge sum back in 1977–and pissed it away. They wasted huge manpower and financial resources when all they needed to do was follow up on the March 20, 1977 tip from “Susie” at the A-frame party store in Montmorency who said Busch was with boys and to “hurry.” That bozo cop Junior Brandenburg from Montmorency didn’t touch that tip until my brother’s body was cold.

  2. I want to understand why the MSP or the FBI or some bloody agency takes no interest in the very direct connection between Frank Shelden, a known paedophile, of North Fox Island and other infamy, and Rev Father John Robert Thwaytes, a lesser known but horrendous paedophile and I have evidence also suggesting he was a killer. A murderer.

    I have drawn horrifying connections between this priest and the potential for his involvement in the OCCK.

    Of course I do not assert, but there is a massive amount of evidence which should be closely examined. Even as a complete amateur, driven by my own traumatic disturbance arising from my own childhood sexual abuses, and nonsexual abuses, I have made amazing inroads. I have so much ground work as an amateur that led me directly to a crime that I have never heard until a man in West Bengal, unable to speak English, nonetheless named one of the touring sex abusers who had repeatedly raped him, not on a few occasions, but on a regular tours, across years.

    The direct connection to Maryglade seminary, made defunct after only two intakes of aspiring priests, although this was a purpose-built seminary, to produce Papal missionaries for the PIME Catholic order of priests. The fact that it closed down so quickly, not suspicious on its own, but when we connect this Indian case, the priest John Robert Thwaytes – UK born – spent six years fraternising with the paedophiles within the seminary, namely one lad who he himself possibly debauched – Fr Anthony Cipolla a mere boy in 1960, when Thwaytes and he both entered Maryglade – Thwaytes aged 29 years and already a veteran paedophile presumably … there are some suspicions I connect heavily to the Catholic Church possible involvement – WHICH MAY EXPLAIN SOME LETHARGIC INVESTIGATIVE ASPECTS?

    Join the dots !
    It is also disturbing to note that the priest (JRT) named THE FIRST BOYS TOWN MALBAZAR ORPHANAGE TRUST – the first legal entity for his Boys Town – was named “BOYS TOWN FERNDALE TRUST”.
    MARK STEBBINS another vicitm of the OCCK killer/s and rapist/s was a FERNDALE, Michigan boy.

    Fr John Robert Thwaytes – a now well-proven priest paedophile, and alleged murderer also now – had such ties to Detroit/Michigan where he was ordained a priest – in MaryGlade Semiary – that he named his orphanage trust after Ferndale. I add that significant funds for the orphanage also came from Detroit altho’ John was himself (like Shelden) very wealthy and used family money I believe. I believe Shelden gave a lot of money to buy rights to his later access to the boys in the Indian orphanage – NOTICE “THE TOWN THAT FRANK BUILT” could easily refer to Boys Town Malbazar (see the Gerals Richards ‘map’ here-

    Years later (as a fugitive from USA justice) Frank Shelden fled to Amsterdam BUT THEN REGULARLY VISITED BOYS TOWN MALBAZAR INDIA, AND Caesar School WHERE HE WAS GIVEN FREE AND EASY ACCESS TO LITTLE BOYS FOR SEX –

    ACCESS GIVEN BY HIS OLD FRIEND Rev Father John Robert Thwaytes –
    Just take a look at the “paedophile operations flow chart or map” tabled in US Congreee investigations – drawn by a convicted part of this paedophile network (Gerald Richards) who “took the fall” when Frank Shelden ran away to ‘Holland’ (note the European network reference on Richards’ ‘map’ of paedophile crime planning. I wish I could attach that document here to show my annotations. (u can see it here )

    The Catholic priest trafficked Indian boys for sex, to this foreign man, and of course to Dr Frits Bernard, an internationally famous “champion” of paedophiles – and to many others including Indian men – especially Indian boys raised by John – f*cked as kids by John – who then became next generation paedophiles and f*cked the next child boys who came into the Boys Town Malbazar Orphanage. THIS IS HISTORICAL FACT OF BOYS TOWN AND CAESAR SCHOOL MALABZAR INDIA.
    This tragic history still poisons those institutions while National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in India IGNORES ALL SUCH INFORMATION AND IGNORES MALE CHILD SEX CRIMES IN INDIA.

    NGO SUCH AS Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation led by the great man Kailash Satyarthi also do amazing work but they carefully AVOID ANY INVOLVEMENT IN RESPONDING TO MALE CHILD SEX ABUSE CRIMES IN INDIA.

    Returning to the flow chart – drawn by a convicted part of this paedophile network (Gerald Richards)
    who “took the fall” when Frank Shelden ran away to ‘Holland’ (note the European network reference on the ‘map’ of paedophile crime planning.
    Frank left Amsterdam many times to go for his India “fix” of free access to orphan boys for sex.

    This video clip gives (sickening triggering) background please watch it with care- and patience – I am not a film maker. I also have been forced to try to ‘trigger’ responses from Indian people while at same time keeping them from identifying the people in the video – be assured I have a lot of detail not visible in the published materials. I NEED FORENSIC AND COMMITTED POLICE TO CONFRONT THIS EVIL but Indian police and govt are corrupt and apathetic – and USA police showed little interest.

    DNA OF JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES must be taken either from grave or residue of his personal effects (unlikely to be accessible or meaningful residues) or at least his living siblings should be asked to give DNA so as to compare with the OCCK materials.

    The Teddy bear paedophile picnic here – – shows John Robert Thwaytes paedophile priest – sitting opposite Frank Shelden cuddling a minor child with Teddy bears everywhere – seduction tools favoured by John Robert Thwaytes as he recruited his Teddy Bear group.

    NOTICE THE REFERENCE TO TEDDY BEAR CLUB on the Gerald Richards ‘map’ of paedophile activities. Note other comments on that ‘map’ that could tie to Thwaytes.

    Here is a collage I prepared to compare the OCCK police ‘photofit’ to the early images of the priest Thwaytes.

    I have been told of at least TWO MURDERS OF ILLEGAL KILLINGS/whatever – in the Indian orphanage – the priest has “form” as a killer or at the least as a criminal willing to illegally and secretly dispose of 2 bodies (but likely many more) in the grounds of his orphanage – I have maps to the location of these bodies, one being of a little boy I believe killed by sexual abuses.

    The other of a woman, I believe a mother killed to silence her. So we establish at the least that the priest was a man willing to kill or at least conspire to conceal illegal killings – I have a witness who saved the life of a man the priest would surely have killed, bashing his head on concrete in a blind rage – over no recognisable cause for his rage. The priest was a very damaged man sex abused himself from early childhood.

    His abuses and rage were an acting out of severe trauma he could never process in his lifetime.

    The ‘reverence’ shown to the girls in the OCCK is a mirror image to my mind, of the psycho sick mentality of this priest reflected in his diary notes – I have a photocopy of the diary stolen by Indian boy to blackmail the priest – sent to me many years later from Switzerland as many sponsors of the orphanage came from there – and they tried IN VAIN to have the priest charged and removed from access to kids after they exposed the criminal stuff (tho they never got near as much as later I did, because, being myself an ‘abused child’ I was driven by unavoidable commitment and determination and I spent 7 years so far fighting to get this evil exposed.

    John Thwaytes had direct connection for years to Detroit – he was likely on North Fox island for his pleasure with Shelden – Shelden was closely interactive for life with Thwaytes.

    Thwaytes had a fake identity but ostensibly legal passport – he could have been in India ‘on paper’ while actually in USA in his alternative identity.


    but why does nobody look and investigate and find out??

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