Beyond Criminal Headlines, A True Crime Podcast

Take a listen to this interview of Marney Rich Keenan on The OCCK Investigation–

Some of the typical misinformation in the intro (strangulation, dumped in snow, etc.), but I think you will find this discussion very interesting. The Detroit area media overlooked the 45th anniversary of Tim’s murder last week, but listen here instead.

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  1. She kind of said that Greene was in jail and never bailed out like Busch was in a round about way. Don’t know if the host caught on or not that Greene was not around on Tim’s abduction. Nothing covered on JH though! That would be a whole show in itself.

  2. For some reason, this podcast is difficult to play due to endless buffering. I can’t easily play it on Apple Podcast, Spotify or podcast websites. I can access other podcasts without a problem. I know it’s not just me, my friend can’t access it from her home. Given this case, I’m not surprised.

  3. Why is John Hastings always ignored? Is it because of a couple of shallow LE guys who believed him when he told them Helen was crazy and that he was out of the county during some of the killings?

    You want the real OCCK killers? Go see John Hastings in Atlanta and ask him about Bloomfield police officer Richard McNamee. Its that simple!

    Is there anybody out there who has some LE authority? Is there anyone out there who cares?

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