“I want the state to admit what it did was wrong.”

Seems like a fair request to me. Records reviewed by the Associated Press show that the U.S. Army and the state of Arizona missed or ignored multiple red flags over more than a decade, which allowed David Frodsham to abuse his adopted son and other children for years, all the while putting national security at risk.


As the reader who sent me this link said–There is no bottom with freaks like this.

One thought on ““I want the state to admit what it did was wrong.””

  1. If someone’s sexually abusive behavior poses a risk to national security and it’s ignored, then I can’t even imagine how high the bar is before people and institutions act appropriately. Maybe there is NO bar? If that’s true, then blogs like this, outraged families of victims, and citizen activists play an even more critical role than I’ve imagined in controlling the narrative and setting the bar. That said, it’s pretty pathetic that we have to keep reminding people that the OCCK case is about 4 little kids who did not have a f*ck*ng chance to save themselves, and apparently not a f*ck*ing chance for justice, either.

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