4 thoughts on “One less scourge on the planet.”

  1. I love when you see an article about them being put down in 2011 I was in trouble for a horrible decision I made I don’t call it a mistake because I can’t fix it but during my time on the inside I joined the wardens fourm and fought to have books removed from the MDOC by Ellen Hopkins who writes books about drug life and very vivid description of sexual assaults and I also fought to have the channel that played dance moms removed from the cable

  2. Hey Cathy, You know what I do for a living. Even the worst of criminals do not like those guys .

  3. Sounds like a deed that needed to be done is done. Wasted tax dollars saved. Just saying……

  4. Bob Kenney

    They ought to have these gentlemen room with Arch Sloan and Ted Lamborgine. Maybe they could get those 2 bastards to come clean on the OCCK.

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