This morning I was contacted by the witness I mentioned in my prior post.  She corrected my understanding of what she saw and I am going to go back in and edit my prior post.  For the record, this witness says she saw Christopher Busch with Tim at approximately 8:30 a.m. (not in the afternoon) on March 22, 1977 on the M-59 expressway westbound.  She was on her way to a 9 a.m. meeting.  She passed this car–which she says was a Gremlin, but she does not remember the color of the car.

Before discussing highlights from the transcript of the November 30, 2007 interview by two detectives of Larry Wasser, I wanted to post two links.

One is a 2001 article in Time Magazine about the evolution of privileged communications “in a world grown less tolerant of the powerful taking advantage of the powerless.”,9171,170862,00.html

The second is a link to an article about an award a Detroit Free Press photographer won for his portfolio which included a video montage on the paper’s website that accompanied articles written by David Ashenfelter on June 17 and 18, 2012.


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