Saturday, March 19, 1977

The headline on the front page of the Detroit Free Press read:  “Man Who Saw Missing Boy Is Sought; They Talked in Birmingham Lot.  The lead headline in The Detroit News read:  “Police certain boy is kidnap victim; Birmingham offers $25,000 reward.”

The Free Press article described the incredibly painful press conference my parents gave at the Birmingham Police Department the day before.  

And Timothy’s father, Barry King, a Detroit lawyer, issued a poignant plea for his son’s return.  ‘We’ve been realistic about the problem (the possibility of abduction) since it happened,’ King said.  ‘I want to say “hi” to Tim.  We love you.  Stay tough.  Say your prayers and we’re with you buddy.’

In a personal plea to the possible abductor at a news conference at the Birmingham police station, King said:  ‘I don’t know if you have children or want them.  Please treat Tim the same way you would your own child.  Talk to him.  He’s a talkative kid.  I don’t know if you have a brother or want one.  But [C]athy, Chris and Mark (Tim’s brothers and sister said to treat Tim just like you would a brother.  But we want him back.  Please send him.’



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