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  1. I still wonder about Marjorie Hoffman, apparently the only Hunter-Maple Pharmacy witness that the police found credible, the individual who provided the description used for the widely distributed sketch.

  2. If these kids were sexually assaulted there is no way in hell that the anal areas could be completely free of foreign material or specifically, sperm. Even if the guy didn’t ejaculate. How could the lab people write down “Nothing found” and not wrestle with that in their sleep?
    On the other hand, if nothing “male oriented” was found should we consider a female perp? It’s way out there, sure, but it’s possible, considering that both male and female children were taken. One thing I know is that male pedophiles have no interest in girls of any age.
    Just recently I realized that the abduction pattern is Male, female, female, male. You can accuse me of being dense, but I never saw this simple thing before. This leads me to believe that there may have been two perps at work, maybe a copycat who killed the girls. The only logical possibility I can come up with for the same people killing them all would be if they were using them for porno pictures and then eliminated them. However,I have never heard of any recovery of porno photos of these four kids.

    1. Two things (trying to put this as delicately as possible):

      1. A person can be sexually assaulted a variety of ways, and not necessarily by a penis.
      2. Young girls, as well as young boys, are victimized by pedophiles. But yes, the fact that this case involves both male and female victims has tended to confound criminal profilers. For decades, it was not publically known why these four murders were tied together, until the animal hair evidence was revealed. (Imagine if the police had revealed this to the public back when the animal in question was a heck of a lot more likely to be alive.)

    2. I have studied several serial killers and have never ever heard of someone who targeted both sexes of children before. There are really only four types of serial killers that most fit into:

      1. Those who prey on women (+young girls)
      2. Those who prey on gay men (+straight men)
      3. Those who prey on young boys (+teenagers)
      4. Those who prey on female prostitutes (+drug addicts)

      *this is not including those in the caregiving or medical fields who have been responsible for enormous amounts of killings before being caught.

      **this is not including female serial killers.

      As far as this being a separate “perpetrator” for the boys & for the girls, here is my theory on it:

      I believe that Busch and Greene were both procuring boys for Sloan (& possibly Lawson) and Gunnels (& possibly Norberg) were both involved with “babysitting” the girls for the police officer that had committed “suicide” the week before Busch did. Somehow I believe that the pedophile network was being protected by law enforcement officers that felt since they had already given certain amount of immunity to killer of Stebbins, that they could utilize certain “victims” of Busch & Greene for their own twisted serial urges. Gunnels was a victim of Busch & Greene, and this could explain why he might of been a person who “shot Jill with shotgun” & “carried Kristine over shoulder” as he learned how to shoot a shotgun from Chris Busch and his DNA matched a hair found on Kristine’s body. I believe that he was manipulated by a police officer to be a “babysitter” in case something went wrong, and believe that perhaps police officer had used Busch & Greene to threaten Gunnel’s life because of this same police officer already having threatened to “expose” the pedophile network that Bush, Greene, and Sloan may have belonged to. I believe that Lawson was the Sloan connection in the pedophile network (N. Fox Island). Norberg is only barely a plausible “suspect” because of the “Kristine” cross, but cannot put him into the equation anywhere (cannot drop him either).

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