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I just switched settings so that comments do not have to be manually approved by me.  So get ready for Viagra ads.  There is a spam feature to catch most of those types of “comments.”  My site crashed twice today while I was trying to post replies from my phone.  I contacted WordPress but there is so far no answer.  The comment function has clearly been messed up the past few days.

I originally required approval before I posted comments because this case has a very long history of disrespectful and disturbed commentary.  If you fall into that category, I will delete your comment and you can join the four people in the “Comment Blacklist” category.  The four posters in the penalty box were not coherent participators.  They were rude and threatening.  They are not just commentators with whom I might not have agreed.  If you didn’t threaten or disparage me or my family or say a bunch of crazy shit, you are not one of the four, so don’t ask.

I also required approval of comments before posting because this blog, unlike the old Topix or other true crime websites, is not a back and forth discussion.  I’m not here to answer your questions within 24 hours.  I’m not going to bring you up to speed.  Read what’s out there.

And, again–if you have information or real suspicions PLEASE call the tip line at 833-784-9425.  If you can’t get through because the voice mailbox is yet again full, please try again later.  I cannot investigate your tip.

If you are posting you can use a screen name if you want–you don’t have to type in your full or real name.  Your email will not show up.  Now let’s see how no pre-approval on comments works.

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  1. I watched the local news special and was kinda disappointed there was no focus on Chris Flynn. That always seemed very interesting to me. Especially when Patterson says he was sure a cop was involved. Anyone else have similar thoughts.

    1. Justin,

      According to author J. Reuben Appelman, Chris Flynn was the cop in whom the young Berkley witness to Kristine’s kidnapping confided. Appelman used an alias for that witness, a young kid, but as Cathy has detailed many times, the Berkley PD (in the person of Sgt. Ray Anger) then tried to intimidate and silence that kid. That unnamed young witness claimed that he saw Kristine get into a car driven by an unnamed Berkley cop – apparently willingly and as if she had done it before.

      After her murder, this young kid then confided to the father of a friend from school – Chris Flynn, who, again according to Appelman, took the allegations seriously.

      Flynn, as we all know, in November of 1978, was bizarrely and mysteriously found shot to death in his vehicle, shot with TWO different weapons! Yet the verdict was “suicide”!

      If Appelman’s account of what the young witness had to say was correct, then Flynn would have been a victim, presumably of the people who wanted to stop any threads from unraveling in the OCCK case.

      We know the OCCK ring involved multiple men, and if the unnamed Berkley cop were to talk, then the entire ring could be exposed.

      Was Chris Flynn murdered to keep him from investigating someone within the Berkley PD further, or was Appelman wrong, and Flynn a part of the ring himself?

  2. One thing that was glossed over or not even mentioned in the ID or the WDIV shows – the story of H.Lee’s wife, Chris Bush’s mom – getting chauffeured to flint to pay off the families / victims that Busch molested…

    1. It’s just really hard to put 40 Years of deception and deceit in a 4 hour documentary I believe Christopher Bush was a victim of his own parents and Francis Sheldon

      1. REPLY to MICHAEL: I’ve always thought that Busch was probably molested early in his life at one of his boarding schools, starting his sick life of perversion. It does make one wonder if H Lee really did get boys from Bob Moore and was involved with those swapping parties. Hence paying and doing whatever it took to keep “the secret.” After seeing bond for CB set at $75,000 and then being crossed out to a grand, who took the other $74,000? The judge or magistrate who set bond, LBP or RT? Would Sheldon while being on the run be able to have loyalist Kill back here in MI for him?

    2. Mark can you elaborate on that info? I havent read that anywhere. Although new to this case I have been home with the flu and have been obsessed with it since the ID channel special. I have read most of Cathys blog and just ordered Kill Jar but I still have so many questions.

  3. After reading the great book. The Kill Jar. and reading some past posts here on this blog, I am confused abou the role of Officer Chris Flynn. Was he a potential suspect or was he a clean cop who “knew too much”? From what I understood from the Kill Jar, he was really trying to help Sebastian and then ended up dead.

  4. IMO, Chris Flynn was recently divorced, lost custody of his kids and didn’t do well on the sergeants exam. He decided to end his life in a bizarre and dramatic way.

    he’s not the only cop involved in this mess to take his own life. Look at Michigan State Police Sgt Joe Krease! He went out in a 1992 murder suicide, shooting his state trooper girlfriend, then himself. At the time they shared an apartment less than 2 miles from the location where Tim’s body was left.

    1. Just seems really suspicious his suicide being within a week of Bushes suicude and also his involvement in the case as described in kill jar.

    2. Thanks Nina. Your podcast is so informative. ***** 5 stars! After hearing about Dr Silley. Now it makes you wonder just how thorough & accurate the autopsies of Jill and Kristine really were. How can one case have so many incompetent professionals and in so many different departments.

  5. My son narrowly escaped the clutches of Michael J Devlin and I am thankful for everyday I have had with him since. Corruption runs as deep here in theses cases as it did in that case. People in power make themselves oblivious to the the obvious while everyone mourns.

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