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I have had three people email me in the last couple days to tell me their comment(s) were not posted on my blog and asking if I had a problem with what they were saying.  I have had a lot of traffic on the blog and approve almost every comment.  Many people designate their comments with DO NOT POST, and I move those comments to a separate mail box to try to avoid accidentally posting them online.  Some comments have made their way into that mailbox and sat waiting approval.  I apologize.  I try to play it safe with posts people want kept private.  If you prefer, email me at  And please, if you have a tip, call the tip line too!!!

Then there are the freaky, make-no-sense, sometimes borderline-threatening posts that I never post.  I will not scare away legitimately interested people with some of the stuff I have received.  It’s unnerving and unhelpful.  If you aren’t coherent, wait to comment until you are.

If you commented, sound half-way coherent and wanted to weigh in, I did not delete your post or make some judgment that I will not post it.  In other cases, comments have been showing up twice–once with a screen name and once with a real name.  I try to post only the screen name comment.

I am really hoping there isn’t any kind of interference with my computer like there has been in the past and that this is just a function of high traffic on the blog and the safety net I have for the “DO NOT POST”-ers.  If I sound paranoid, I can tell you it is warranted.  And quite a few others can as well.

If you don’t see your comment posted, you can email me and I will double-check.  Or feel free to post again.  Double-check to see how your name is showing.  Most people don’t have a problem using their real names, but if you do that isn’t a problem.  I can always go back and edit it out if it’s an issue.  I also have my hands full and I don’t get a salary like the guy answering the tip line.  Be patient and try the tip line until you get through. I have heard from many sources that it has been very hard to get through.  And you won’t necessarily get a call back very quickly.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Many, many people have asked for clarification, information and documents.  We are still recovering from all the media exposure which, as important as it is, takes a lot out of people who are close to the kids who were murdered.

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  1. Please do not make this post public. Thank you


    Firstly, you are an amazing daughter, sister and woman. As many have stated before me, I am so moved by your love and dedication to finding the truth to honor your brother.

    Your father is a most amazing man. I listened to his one hour presentation and was astounded by his clarity and memorization of all of the facts and moved by the love he has for your brother. I feel heartbroken for the additional pain and suffering law enforcement and the prosecutor has dumped on your family.

    I was in my early twenties when the abductions took place and I remember, well, how this affected our area. The two night Investigation Discovery broadcast enlightened me as well as the five part series produced by WDIV. Your blog asks the questions that should be answered.

    I will pray for you, your father, your brothers and the members of all of the affected families. May God guide you and sustain you as you persevere in your determination to find the truth as you continue to honor your brother. God bless you.


  2. I truly hope you get some action from the shows airing the cases. I really hope L Brooks and Jessica have a moral check on their souls and do the right thing and start putting this case front and center once and for all.

    Jessie Kanehl


  3. Stay strong man. Saw both episodes last week and it made me so sad that your dad does not yet have full closure… Still think about Tim every day and what you guys are going through. Just know there are people sending positives for your families support.

  4. Is John Hastings still a suspect? I noticed he wasn’t mentioned in the ID Discovery show. Does he have any connections with Fox Islands or Busch or any of the other a-holes? I know he lived near Busch and was a privileged GM kid.

    1. motorcityrocks – I grew up in Detroit and now I’m middle aged. There was talk that Hastings came to GA which is where I live now. Was he part of the Hastings Nursery family? They had a nursery in Atlanta. Then one of the family members shot and killed another one. Isn’t this all worthy of an investigation? Isn;t this suspicious?

    2. Hastings. I have never understood how that guy got a pass. This case is very weird. People have their suspects and if you question or disagree, you are the enemy. Once the Busch information came to light and we pursued it, the John Hastings camp disowned me. Whatever. I posted a lot of stuff on Helen Dagner’s old websites and Topix about him and how the “coincidences” defied explanation. No one in law enforcement has ever been able to explain any of the connections drawn as anything other than coincidence. When Helen clearly started padding her story and adjusting it as further information came in, it destroyed her credibility. I will just say this right now–I cannot even begin to describe the physical and emotional feeling I had when I went back to Michigan in 2007 and drove past the Busch family home on Morningview Terrace and then turned the corner to find the two homes owned by the Hastings on Tuckahoe. So many people associated with this case who are keeping their mouths shut.

  5. I really appreciate that you took the time to post the above. Most of us are waiting on the edge of our seats for that one golden tip. Our little observations and opinions can certainly take a back seat right now. Very best of luck to you. I am really hoping something important comes through.
    Personally I’m going to keep my talk to a minimum so you can concentrate on the important stuff. I wonder if someone can help you with that. I’m imagining Mr. Appelman going through the emails.

  6. Cathy: On a quick side & positive note, that’s really cool how you & your siblings dressed in khaki’s & light blue shirts for the ID documentary. You guys are so blessed to have each other and such obvious loyalty! Continued Prayers for strength, stamina, Peace and JUSTICE!

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