See how this works?

Today the director of the Media Lab at M.I.T., Joichi Ito, resigned after disclosure of his efforts to conceal his financial connections to Jeffrey Epstein, “the disgraced financier” and convicted sex offender who wound up dead in a Manhattan jail cell last month while facing federal sex trafficking charges.  The media lab at the University accepted financial gift from Epstein some six years after he pleaded guilty to a sex charge involving a minor and took steps to hide the source of the gift.

“”After giving the matter a great deal of thought over the past several days and weeks, I think that it is best that I resign as director of the media lab and as a professor and employee of the Institute, effective immediately,’ Mr. Ito wrote in an email on Saturday to M.I.T.’s provost, Martin A. Schmidt.”  Yeah, that great deal of thought and an article in The New Yorker, describing measures he and other M.I.T. media lab officials took to conceal its relationship with Epstein.

Ito also resigned from a variety of boards of directors, including a directorship with The New York Times.  The Times article is a much more subdued version of the New Yorker article.  According to the New Yorker, “[t]he effort to conceal the lab’s contact with Epstein was so widely known that some staff in the office of the lab’s director, Joi Ito, referred to Epstein as Voldemort or ‘he who must not be named.'”  Catch this:

The financial entanglement revealed in the documents goes well beyond what has been described in public statements by M.I.T. and by Ito. The University has said that it received eight hundred thousand dollars from Epstein’s foundations, in the course of twenty years, and has apologized for accepting that amount. In a statement last month, M.I.T.’s president, L. Rafael Reif, wrote, “with hindsight, we recognize with shame and distress that we allowed MIT to contribute to the elevation of his reputation, which in turn served to distract from his horrifying acts. No apology can undo that.” Reif pledged to donate the funds to a charity to help victims of sexual abuse. On Wednesday, Ito disclosed that he had separately received $1.2 million from Epstein for investment funds under his control, in addition to five hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars that he acknowledged Epstein had donated to the lab. A spokesperson for M.I.T. said that the university “is looking at the facts surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s gifts to the institute.”

That is how it works.  These pieces of shit give money and sit on boards and the institutions involved contribute to the elevation of their reputations, which then distracts from their horrifying acts.   Apparently a few other big universities had “already spent” the money donated by or through Epstein and are kind of over it.

These institutions also need to donate to a charity helping victims of sexual abuse.  And I can think of a few relatives/beneficiaries of Michiganders who should quietly do the same thing, and should have decades ago.  Or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is another option.

A reader pointed out to me the importance of the terms “human trafficking”  and “sex trafficking.”  The men in the Detroit area and Oakland County who were abducting/tricking minors to confine them and then sexually assault and rape and or film back in the day were human traffickers, not “child molesters.”  Child “molestation”; give me a break.  It’s sexual assault and/or rape.  Even the term “CSC (criminal sexual conduct) with a minor” is bullshit.  Any sexual contact with a minor is criminal.  They cannot give consent.  This isn’t some tame little deviation from societal norms.

Don’t worry, Joichi.  I’m sure after the heat dies down you can find another corporate or university board who will take you in, since you are so great at thinking outside the box. As for taking all this time to come clean, and right on the heels of The New Yorker article, instead of when your convicted sex offender benefactor was arrested for sex trafficking back in July, you might want to lay low for a while.

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  1. Kathy Anderson says:

    Cathy, You continue to amaze me with your strength, intelligence and determination. You are a wonderful beacon for all. I’ve read and followed you for a few years and continue to be shocked at how the OCCK case was and still is handled. I hope you and all the families get the answers that you need and deserve! My Best, Kathy Duggan-Anderson

  2. Ade O'Maolain says:

    The Catholic Church PIME MIssionary Father John Robert Thwaytes trafficked orphans in India for sex, to FRANCIS DUFFIELD SHELDEN and to DR FRITS BERNARD and other interantional pedophiles, at Boys Town Malbazar and Caesar School Malbazar, West Bengal, India.

    In 1983 Mr Philip Thwaytes wrote (reporting his own brother as a suspected pedophile due to severe written sexual diaries and fantasias of child sex and sexual torture of kids) to the PIME Fathers in UK and in response Cardinal CORMAC MURPHY O’CONNOR did fucking nothing! Oh he wrote to advise Mr Thwaytes to contact UK police but the highest Church officer in UK at the time did nothing to call back the pedophile rapist trafficker for his “missionary position”.

    It was 1993 and 94 I have actual pictures of Frank Shelden in the orphanage with the priest, and Shelden is actually embracing a boy I am reliably told he had sexually abused regularly. This was told to me, by a man who was also a victim of John Thwaytes and Frank Shelden, AND FRITS BERNARD AND PHILIP LUCAS AND JOHN BROGER … this list if names was told to me by the victim I met who had the (rare in India) courage to speak of the suffering.

    It was at his initiative solely that he told me about “friends of Father John” who came 3 or 4 times a year to do group sex to boys … and the men came in groups to have tourism together …

    Next he named the men but he did not at first name Frank. He named all the others. However I was told of ‘a bald guy’ from USA then I got the name “Frank” from a UK man who was volunteering at the time and met this Frank. He also knew no surname. But he told me it was a man of wealth who owned his won plane and was a pilot and lived in Netherlands.

    Next I found photos that had been on the orphanage hard drive … SOME WERE LABELED FRANK … so then I sent then to the victim and asked did he know this man. Be aware I had sent other pics and he had said no he did not know anyone. So I told him nothing. I have a record of the contacts. I then got a reply and named at once that this was Frank and **** he named the boy who Frank was holding. I then got in direct “Messenger” dialogue to ask him firmly, can you know a surname? It was even needed to explain what I mean by surname, these re Bengali people and do not use our custom ary words … HE WITH NO HESITATION IMMEDIATELY TYPED exactly as follows ‘freank sel den’ exactly in that format …. I used some logic to identify this might mean Frank Shelden (as Indians often drop the h but still pronounce it … such as Shimla is often written Simla and it is a convention to make a sh sound even when only an s is there). Now I had at last a name … Frank Shelden.THIS WAS ONLY APRIL 2019 WHEN I IDENTIFIED THIS BASTARD WHOSE PHOTOS I HAVE FROM HIS TOURS OF THE INDIAN ORPHANAGE AND CAESAR SCHOOL AS A RAPIST/FRIENDLY DONOR OF HUGE FUNDS.

    I still knew nothing more until I began a google search to learn for the first time about North Fox Island and OCCK child-rape/ritualised killings. It disturbs me to know that also (a) Father John Robert Thwaytes was trained as a priest barely an hour’s drive from where Frank Shelden lived and (b) Frank bought the island around the same time , 1960, when John Thwaytes and another (later convicted) pedophile Anthony Joseph CIPOLLA entered the priest college (Maryglade Seminary, Memphis/Richond area of Michigan)and (c) Johns brother gave reference to sadistic ritualised sexual violence in the written materials he found in “Fr John” handwritten diaries or papers in a steel trunk (left in storage with family in 1983 in UK) (d) the UK volunteer reported the near murder before his eyes by the priest of someone who upset him and… reports of a dead body of a woman killed by the priest also were told that the priest buried her in the foundations of the building the volunteer had been taken to and shown and (e) the unsupported but prevalent rumour if a Catholic priest being sneaked out if USA at the time of OCCK makes me feel very uneasy as it is ony gut-feel but partly it seems a very real possibility it could be John Thwaytes … there is a long-standing nexus between him and Frabk Shelden going back into 1960s and till death of Shelden. THERE IS NO OTHER REASONABLE EXPLANATION FOR HOW SHELDEN FLED TO NETHERLANDS AND YET FROM THERE SOMEHOW LOCATED A REMOTE INDIAN ORPHANAGE IN THE WILDS OF BENGAL and was visiting there routinely WITH ANOTHER NETHERLANDS HIGH PROFILE PEDOPHILE FRITS BERNARD. This is the era before internet … it beggars belief to be coincidence. No John as a new priest was seually active as a pedophile in liaison with Frank Shelden in the 1960s – is the only reasonable understanding. AND FRANK WAS FUNDING BOYS TOWN after the NFI/OCCK era is another fact (giving him access rights) because a senior PA of the priest has stated that large sums were coming from Detroit … whereas most funding in thise days was from Switzerland (Terre des Hommes, Direkthilfe Indienne) and England ‘Child Rescue International’> CRI

    CRI WAS SET UP BY JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES to channel funds to Boys Town Malbazar BTM from church/parish donors. SO THE PARISHIONERS OF EU/UK WERE FUNDING A SEX-TOURIST PEDOPHILE HOLIDAY CAMP ON AN “ISLAND” OF SORTS … INSTEAD OF NORTH FOX ISLAND, where Shelden sexually abused and filmed pornography with boys … here were the same international pedophiles visiting 3-4 times a year and BEHIND TALL WALLS WITH GATES GUARDED they had a “barnyard” of boys as a private “petting zoo” hosted by pedophile priest PIME MISSIONARY REV John Robert Thwaytes – AND TO THIS DAY NOT ONE REAL ACTION HAS EVEN BEEN TAKEN IN RESPONSE EXCEPT THAT THEY CUT OFF FUNDS AND DEFROCKED AND EXCOMMUNICATED HIM … BUT TOOK NO LEGAL STEPS TO REMOVE HIM FROM THE ORPHANAGE OR SCHOOL where he lived in power until he died in March 2015. I myself dug his grave and spoke as “the new father” at his funeral although I am not a priest, that is how the locals saw me, as I had given years to help the charity work in total unawareness of the crimes that were well hidden by the priest and his team of trained sex boys, who by now were his legal trustees – AND STILL REMAIN TO RUN THE SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGE – AND STILL THEY COVER UP CHILD SEX CRIMES TO THIS DAY. Long after the priest and Shelden and Frits Bernard and these other bastards are dead …


    The Catholic Church has about 2000 child institutes in India AND MANY IN AFRICA … when will this sick monstrosity that calls itself a religion act to impose civilised protections and procedures in Indian institutes they own, BECAUSE THE IGNORANCE OF INDIA WILL NOT DO IT so the Church needs to impose this from foreign power owning the Church enterprises … then the influence of the Vatican (assuming it is not actually a pedophile papacy) should influence BEYOND THE CATHOLIC INSITITUTES to influence wider regulations which are long overdue in India.

    India has some of the world’s strongest Child Protection legislation and the weakest implementation. If religious institutes led the way, they would influence the CBSE and other educational boards, and also the best practices of management would flow into common secular usage as staff moved between religious and non-religious institutes … the Church has a vital duty BUT THE SOLE FOCUS IT HAS IS TO DENY, LIE, COVER UP, IGNORE, DISMISS.

    Are we sure that Jesus himself was not an Indian? I find this type of disingenuous dismissal of the evils in India and expect it to some degree in the corrupt fledgling nation(6000+ years old culture but barely 75 year old democratic governance after centuries o being Raj-raped by the Brits) – but we see the same sly rotten culture in the Vatican, as we see in Indian priests raping nuns … to this day … and in the John Robert Thwaytes case … raping and trafficking children.
    OH – and girls were not left out … they were prostituted allegedly, by the senior sex-boys. That is, the Indian ‘orphan’ boys who became sex-boys were some devastated, and some made a career out if being favoured – they stole and took blackmail and they then took power over the institutions. Girls then could be pimped out as prostitutes. Of this I have less firm info however.

    • weedbegone3468 says:

      These wicked men have the highest of the elite hiding their putrid acts upon children and the use of these institutions that hide it all over the world. Is anyone or entity policing the international communities for any connections to cold cases, current cases, or future crimes against our children? If not, why in God’s name aren’t there? Evil reigns all over this foul earth. It takes courage, dedication, strength, and wisdom to fight against these evil pricks. Society as a whole should be ashamed for failing to protect the most vulnerable. We are weak for this.

  3. Jade says:

    My immediate thought is: Aaron Swartz, a young man who “committed suicide”/was “suicided” after allegedly uncovering a child pornography operation being run at M.I.T.

  4. bitamoney says:

    I really, really wonder what in the world Epstein did/figured out to make and have that enormous quantity of money. He was GIVING money to enable and cover up his sexual life but where did it come from? He was never anything more than a smarmy apple polisher and a hondler.

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