Here’s what happens when you have a Bloomfield Hills address.

Some of you may recognize what I have written in the attached notes. I believe I posted this on Helen Dagner’s website. These are the notes I used to draft the post. Sorry, the links won’t work, but you’ll get the point of it all.


More tomorrow.

Email Exchange from July 2009.

Here is an interesting email exchange from July 27, 2009. I had to cut and paste it so you didn’t have to start at the bottom and read up. As many of you will recall, during that time Helen Dagner had a website devoted to the OCCK crimes. The case was also “discussed” on Topix back when that forum allowed this type of “discussion,” and I will also be posting some pages from that website. As I said, I copied off thousands of pages of material when I knew my computer was being hacked. I am also a big fan of screen shots to document some of the stuff I have received. Not everyone who comments or contacts me is on the up and up. No surprise there.

This email exchange is some three years into having some sense of the gaslighting process being used by law enforcement here, and a year-plus since we learned the name of Christopher Busch. As you will read, I was immensely frustrated by this point. The print is small, but I hope you can read it. The quotes from law enforcement from back in the day are illuminating. I don’t think it’s just a few of us who see this stuff and ask questions. But, back then nobody asked any questions. Law enforcement had complete control of the narrative. Turns out they are not good narrators.


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