Protect and Serve. But don’t cry or yell.


Here is an article I found among the box of newspaper and magazine articles my Mom saved in a big, silver Jacobson’s box in a front hall closet.  She never spoke about the investigation or what happened to Tim.  When she died, I took the box of articles with me.  I knew they would get thrown out.  I felt that would be a violation to my mother’s desire to keep that Pandora’s box, with all of its bad juju, tied up in a box with the rest of our old photo albums.  One of my brothers observed that she wanted us to have those articles, to know what was recorded about Tim’s case.  I can buy that.

This article, about a Michigan State Police trooper kidnapping a woman, is dated October 2, 1978, and was published in the Royal Oak newspaper, The Daily Tribune.  I didn’t do any research about the sentence, if any, Detective Sergeant Gary Schaefe received.  He had been with the state police criminal investigation section since 1968.  This is what he did in his free time.

The margin notes and the map were put together back when I felt like the time I was spending on this shit made a difference.  Observe the outrageousness of the trooper’s explanation to the woman he tied up with plastic straps and forced to the floor of her own car:  “[H]e said he was writing a book, and asked why she would allow something like a kidnapping to happen.”  Umm, maybe because you pulled a bluesteel pistol on her and said “Move over and shut up or I’ll kill you.  Don’t cry or yell or I’m going to give it to you.”????


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