Here’s what happens when you have a Bloomfield Hills address.

Some of you may recognize what I have written in the attached notes. I believe I posted this on Helen Dagner’s website. These are the notes I used to draft the post. Sorry, the links won’t work, but you’ll get the point of it all.


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  1. Protect the money/image of Oakland County. Shhh, pay no attention to those residence.

    Keep it coming, Cathy.

  2. Another example of a massive pedo group, their sick system of trade, and the abuse of many, many children.
    This particular group was called the Wonderland Club. If anyone has time, check out the link to the video of LE’s bust of this group.

  3. In the case of Ted Lamborgine it doesn’t much matter if he has proclaimed that, “God has forgiven me.” It’s more effective than taking the 5th amendment. Make no mistake though, words matter and every editor is keenly aware of what those words convey.

  4. There are so many people to test the DNA of that hair to. Is there a way to verify if any DNA testing has been done besides ruling out the one guy who owned the car it was found in?


  5. The DNA seems suspect. It was supposed mitochondrial DNA and most of the scientific articles discussing using mitochondrial DNA from hair, as opposed to nuclear DNA, seem to be from within a few year period, several years ago. If it were accurate and useful it seems like it would have become widely used. It sort of looks like one of those scientific tests that are left out there for creative use rather than legitimate forensic use.

    Also, there is a big difference probably between somebody who would ‘have sex with a child’ vs somebody who would ‘torture and have sex with a child’. If a person were arrested for numerous sex acts with children, and none of the children said ‘he did this or that’ along the lines of torture, sadism etc, then it doesn’t lessen what they did do, but it makes it unlikely they have two separate appetites, one for ‘child sex’ and one for ‘child sex and murder’. It’s possible, but it seems unlikely. More likely the person has a distinct taste for sex and violence together.

    There seems to be the most compelling evidence against the group of people involved with fox island.

    • One point to add, I don’t see a way to edit a past post.

      The Fox island group, Shelden etc are interesting for a number of reasons. One point that seems ignored is his involvement in the oil industry that was just picking up at that time.

      The federal government, various agencies, as well as foreign governments, were just starting to ‘weaponize’ oil in the early 1970s.

      Bill Allen, the head if VECO, was involved in the oil industry at about the same time, different part of the country. Some years ago I researched him for a separate matter snd learned that he had been arrested for something serious in the 1979s, got a very high level pardon, and then started a meteoric rise in the oil industry. During the supposed Alaska corruption trials it was never disclosed that his entire career he had been working for the feds.

      He was known to be involved in some ‘minor’ sex trafficking, which the federal government carefully protected him from being prosecuted with. But there were also rumors, only rumors, that he and the federal agents involved were involved in some much worse crimes, involving some headless torsos that were found.

      It seems very conspiracyish, but it is possible that that group of people who developed a domestic infrastructure to avoid a repeat of the 1973 oil embargo, a very powerful group of ‘government bureaucrats’ were involved with Shelden too.

  6. Cathy, was any sort of “link” ever discovered in the abduction of James Davison with the OCCK? Not that LE would ever disclose it if there were a connection. {James Davison was a 13 year old boy abducted on his way to a friends house on 6/22/74. Held captive for 4 days and was strangled & was found in an alley in the same clothing he was snatched in. Found alive 6/26/74} Wayne County, Allen Park

    • Yes I forgot about this boy .. I’ve always believed since reading about him that he was the first victims of the OCCK .. he just happened to live to tell his tale .. when did Greene move back to Michigan ..? .. was it prior to this incident or after .?

    • This and other cases should have been considered by the task force. There was another living victim from right after Tim was murdered. And other cases have been mentioned to me over the years and I don’t believe anyone looked into any of it. It’s outrageous.

    • That’s very strange. That name is not even mentioned on the current Wikipedia page, but a post somebody made on another website in 2017 has the following copy / pasted from Wikipedia.

      “James Davison, 13, was abducted June 22, 1974, around Morris Ave and Porter Ave in Allen Park, Wayne County, Michigan, and was missing for several days; he was strangled and left in an alley face down in Oakland County. He was found on June 26 in the same clothes that he went missing in. He was on his way to a friend’s house when he was abducted and his bike was found three blocks away from his home. He survived the attack and it is believed that he may have been a victim of the Oakland County Child Killer.”

      There is one obvious difference between the two cases involving bicycles. One was in June and one was in December. So the girl’s bike found in December could plausibly have had no fingerprints, most people would wear gloves. But the bike found in June probably would have had fingerprints if the abduction was by a ‘random’ or ‘less sophisticated’ abductor.

  7. Has anyone ever talked to James Davison about his experience to see if it was linked?

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