Now Airing on Hulu

Children of the Snow, a documentary about the Oakland County child murders and other instances of wide and horrific child abuse, starts airing on Hulu today. The documentary originally aired last February in four parts on the ID, Investigative Discovery Channel. Using J. Reuben Appelman’s 2018 book, The Kill Jar as a jumping off point, the documentary should reach a larger audience via Hulu.

A number of people contacted me to say they could not watch it, or started and could not finish. Please do not turn away. The sexual abuse and even torture and murder of children is allowed to continue when people stay silent and look away. When there is virtually no accountability in law enforcement for investigations which allow predators to walk. All victims deserve better and sexual predators and their protectors as yet not unmasked, should never feel safe and should always be looking over their shoulders. Your depravity cannot be allowed to expand in the darkness of silence.

Watch the documentary if you haven’t, and urge someone you know to watch it, too.

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