“Is everyone in the criminal justice system a fucking piece of shit?”

This question is really not rhetorical, and comes from the end of an email I received over six years ago. I am showing it to you because I think the author of the email makes some important points. It highlights the lying that has gone on at every possible turn in this case. It is the writer’s opinion, but it is not at all outside the realm of possibility. Not at all. And, no, I won’t say who the author is. Sorry. Like I said, it’s an OPINION. But stranger shit has happened, don’t you agree?

A little background on the content of the email. Jane Burgess was the attorney who represented admitted pedophile Chris Busch on numerous Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor cases around the State of Michigan in the months leading up to his “suicide.” A suicide that, you will recall, involved a shot between the eyes while Busch was in bed with his arms under the covers. Not kidding. Pretty talented guy.

Jane Burgess died in the 1990’s. She practiced law with her husband, Larry Burgess. Larry Burgess was interviewed by Det. Cory Williams after the Busch information came to light. A copy of the transcript of that interview was provided in the FOIA documents my Dad received. Larry Burgess now practices law with his son, David. Last I checked, they shared office space with James Feinberg, who represented Larry Wasser, a polygrapher, in his efforts to keep law enforcement in the dark about what he told Patrick Coffey, another polygrapher, about this case in 2006. For a refresher on how we got here, see:

Profiles in Cowardice, Continued: Quotes from FOIA documents provided by MSP concerning Wayne County’s investigation into the “polygrapher lead.”

and a link to a letter I wrote to Monthly Detroit after they ran an article about this mess, and Wasser’s attorney responded with a bunch of lies:


Here is the email–


Ask yourself if you saw this shit happening in real time, how easy it would be to give up hope of any decency, let alone answers, in this case.

Here is another helpful overview of how we learned of Larry Wasser and Chris Busch:


Rather than end this post with the question of whether everyone in the criminal justice system is a piece of shit, I took heart in the words at the end of his Part Three:

The identity of the Oakland County Child killer remains a mystery that may never be solved. However, his killing spree will never be forgotten. In a world filled with malevolence, the only true way to destroy evil is to stick together and not lose hope. If this can be achieved, maybe atrocities like the Oakland County murders can be prevented.