In April 2010, I wrote the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office a letter explaining who I was and requesting the autopsy report for my brother Tim.  I enclosed the $50 fee.  I later received a copy of the autopsy report.


A few years later, a television series was filming a segment on the OCCK case.  It was the first national exposure for the case in many decades.   The crew interviewed Dr. Werner Spitz, who was the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Tim.  He spoke openly with the interviewer and provide copies of his notes from his file.  This included a transcription of the examination discussion, which included some police, who ask questions during the examination.  We were given copies of this transcription and another report by the crew.  The pages are not numbered.  The yellow highlighting is mine; all other marks, including a cross-out, were previously on the page and were there when we were given this copy.  The contents are extremely disturbing, I warn you in advance and you may want to skip this part.


I am posting these documents so it is plain to see what is involved here.  This is a case the state police let go cold.  Every Oakland County prosecutor since then has looked away.  This case was a loser; you can’t prosecute; you can’t bring these kids back from the dead.  This is what happened to one of those kids.  There it is, in all its horror, on the page.

I am not posting them so there can be extended debate about what is contained in them.  We have had these documents for quite a few years and I have read them multiple times.  The transcription is hard to follow and I have no idea what some of it means.  Keep in mind that the autopsy occurred after the state police lab examined Tim’s body and clothing for evidence.

I am also posting these documents so that if by chance you are someone who knows who was involved in these killings and you kept your mouth shut, this is what your silence helped do to Victim #4.


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