Going Forward.

In my last post I outlined why we are at the end of the line in this case–again. Maybe DNA testing yields some answers. Maybe someone who knows something comes forward (and is believed and the information actually investigated). Probably not. If we can’t get the governor and state attorney general in communication with the director of the MSP, we will never get answers on where this case stands and what has been done. I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I will be posting documents related to this case that you should see. You should see them so you understand what passes for justice in Michigan, what gets ignored, and why you should care. Some of the documents will be from the FOIA documents provided by the Michigan State Police. Remember that these documents are just the tip of the iceberg and that I believe any truly important documents were destroyed back in the day. But what we got is pretty incredible, even for a very limited FOIA request. Some of the documents will be from the copies of thousands of emails I printed off as I went, after realizing my computer was being hacked.

Today, consider this horrifying email I received. I redacted it for obvious reasons. The writer specifically says: “I TRIED TO TELL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR INVESTIGATIVE PURPOSES. LAW ENFORCEMENT HAS NOT REPLIED TO MY CALLS ONLY INFORMED ME THEY WERE ‘VERY BUSY.'”



Think this is made up? Well, consider this document from the MSP files on Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards and N. Fox Island:


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