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Children of the Snow, a documentary about the Oakland County child murders and other instances of wide and horrific child abuse, starts airing on Hulu today. The documentary originally aired last February in four parts on the ID, Investigative Discovery Channel. Using J. Reuben Appelman’s 2018 book, The Kill Jar as a jumping off point, the documentary should reach a larger audience via Hulu.

A number of people contacted me to say they could not watch it, or started and could not finish. Please do not turn away. The sexual abuse and even torture and murder of children is allowed to continue when people stay silent and look away. When there is virtually no accountability in law enforcement for investigations which allow predators to walk. All victims deserve better and sexual predators and their protectors as yet not unmasked, should never feel safe and should always be looking over their shoulders. Your depravity cannot be allowed to expand in the darkness of silence.

Watch the documentary if you haven’t, and urge someone you know to watch it, too.

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    Elena is in Denver and she just messaged me a while ago that she was watching this. In Canada, I’m not sure how to get it. Tomorrow I’ll check and see if I can get Hulu.

    We love you dear cousin.


  2. It was painful, but I made it through. Somber as fuck afterwards. Told tons of people to set record. So sick.

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  3. Just listened to the Crime Junkie podcast last night, and she did a good job with the story. I really hope someone out there one day will hear these details and it jogs their memory or gives someone strength to come forward with information. The more I learn about cover-ups done by LE at the highest levels, the more I’m beginning to understand how hard it is for truth to ever be transparent.

  4. I feel absolutely terrible that your brother family and the other kids and famlies went through what they did. Every time i pass by the 711 in Berkley i get a a cold feeling. I pray that justice is served. I am worried there was a cover up and it’s to late
    Closure needs to be had one way or another. I watched the special in February very sad and surreal. I give my absolute support prayers and strength to all

  5. I wish law enforcement would run a news segment on the Blue/Green Lemans with the 222 in the license plate & offer a cash reward. Why won’t the FBI release the composite sketches from Doug Wilson?(I bet it is because it will be as if Busch & Greene posed for the sketches. JRA’s book says Lourn Doan & Gary Gray say there is a paper trail that shows Greene was out of jail in 3/77 & CB’s hefty self in the shadows of a dark evening in a car, could easily be mistaken for a 55-60 year old man. In the book A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing LE says a psychic is the one who came up with the 222 in the license plate, yep, way to get around not following that legit tip, blame it on the psychic) The investigation has been so crooked throughout that I take the position that they didn’t have a DNA sample from Busch, maybe a relative but in the grand scheme how accurate is it?
    #hoping for JUSTICE

  6. “Children of the Snow” is a wretched decent into absolute Hell. First, the secret underbelly of pedophilia occurring under the noses of everyone. Second, the kids begin to disappear. Others miraculously escape, just. Third, Fox Island is investigated concurrently, although no one connects the dots. Worse, the perps escape abroad. The murders mount and cops can’t stop it. Rumors fly. Anyone can be a monster. Fourth, a prime suspect, who managed to throw his polygraph, is found murdered, probably by a fellow predator well known to the suspect. Fifth, scared witnesses appear under camera to deliver their horror stories. Sebastian’s contribution is the most troubling. I didn’t realize his stories have holes, that’s a problem, but his description of his school interrogation and the brutality he accuses the cops of is extremely troubling. If true, it makes it appear that SOMEONE in law enforcement or gov’t is up to his neck in these murders. If Sebastian is telling the truth, that is the only reason that makes sense. Of all the passages of this case I’ve read and I admit it’s not much, his testimony frightens me the most.

    I think this case will be cracked because it’s very possible nuclear DNA can be excised. Busch, Sloane, Greene, Lamborgine NO DOUBT were directly involved. Any number of kids were used to attract others to those cars, themselves abuse victims. I cannot guess how large these rings were or are, but this doc is a huge wake up call. We have to better work with host countries who allow these suspects cover and extradite them back here to face the families of the murdered.

    A truly frightening, well-made film.

    1. Yes, Mac, this documentary was a huge wake up call. I don’t know that the people who need the wake up call got it or ever will. You are so right about “Sebastian.” I believe he is telling the truth (I reread J. Reuben Appelman’s chapter about Sebastian’s information in The Kill Jar). His story has never changed. I spoke with him myself quite a few years ago. He was telling the truth. He wept as he told me what had taken place. Mark my words, the Berkley Police Department was up to its ears in this case. I believe that is the reason Ray Anger was never far from the investigation as the years wore on and in its various iterations. As Jason intimates in his book, perhaps someone on that force was executing pedophiles. Or, someone on that force was protecting someone in law enforcement or high enough up the food chain, thereby helping to shut down legitimate investigation into what happened in these cases. Berkley PD. Back when cops in towns like that could basically do whatever they wanted. Like “date” high school girls. And threaten kids, teens and anyone who threatened their empire. Something is very rotten in the history of that department. Sebastian had no reason to lie. And, by god, those cops had NO RIGHT to treat a grade school kid like that or follow him in later life to try to make him pay for coming forward. It is completely heartbreaking and ENRAGING. Abuse of power and criminals in a uniform. A living nightmare, especially pre-body camera.

      As a side note, back in the day when this case was being discussed on
      Todd Matthew’s website, then
      Helen Dagner’s site and later on Topix, one of my brothers and I both agreed early on that “Berkley Witness” and “Alpena Witness” had important information and NO REASON TO LIE. Who wants to come forward in this god-forsaken, true descent into Hell, case? With cops who fucked over people who came forward and threatened them or visited their place of employment to fuck with them? Seriously?! This case is so dirty it is almost incomprehensible.

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