How about that hypnosis session, Vince?

We knew you’d be back, Vince. Parolee James Vincent Gunnels is back under parole supervision in Michigan. Thank you to a reader. If you have read Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, you know that in June 2019 Vince Gunnels suggested to interrogators that maybe if he was taken to a hypnotist it would help him remember details about the OCCK case. (p. 238.). Months later, no arrangements had been made for this hypnosis session and Gunnels failed to report to his parole office in December 2019 and was once again a parole absconder.

Keenan describes that one of two state troopers present stated at this meeting with Gunnels that the hypnosis could be set up. Well, now’s the time, MSP. If you blow this off, that is strike #3 for 2020. First, you ignored important confidential but credible evidence that was given to you in January 2020. Next, you failed to address the tip about Bloomfield Township/Village cop and pedophile Richard McNamee–the cop who responded to the Busch “suicide” scene on November 11, 1978. A victim came forward in July and she was ignored. Here is opportunity #3. Gunnels is back in Michigan and his parole officer could help set up a hypnosis session. I’d call the tip line, but you know how that goes.

At some point the system has to work; those with the authority to advance this investigation have to do some work, not stall things out. All the books, documentaries and blog posts in the world can’t solve a case the cops don’t want solved.

It bears repeating that the name James Vincent Gunnels was first revealed by the MSP when they sat down with family members of Kristine Mihelich and had three binders on a table, one each for a person of interest in the investigation. Garry Gray was going to show off Cory William’s hard work. Gunnels was the subject of one of those notebooks. Gunnels ran with Busch and Greene. The MSP knew that. Was that notebook put together just for fun? They haven’t been able to get anywhere with the poor, drug-addled victim, Gunnels, who claims to know nothing. Two other young men who were similarly victimized–one of them by Busch–spoke openly with police. But Vince just can’t access that tiny conscience of his. Now that Gunnels is back in your fine state, take him up on his offer to be hypnotized.

13 Comments on “How about that hypnosis session, Vince?”

  1. Robin says:

    Good to know he’s back where he belongs. Now, MSP, please do your jobs and convince Vince it is in his best interest to participate.

    What about his brother, Paul? Was he ever a victim of Greene and Busch?

    • cathybroad says:

      According to Marney Keenan’s book, Paul says he was never victimized by Busch but he knew Vince was. The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, p. 237. “Paul said he believes Vince may have seen or had sex with Kristine [Mihelich], but is too afraid to admit to any association with the case at all.” (Id.)

  2. crimebuffy says:

    Glad he is back in MI, however, let’s hope
    matters are decided after the new Oakland County Prosecutor is sworn in. 94 days… JC/PW made their Incorrect stance clear.

    • cathybroad says:

      Nothing will happen until she is out. It would help to have a new sheriff come January as well. No more roadblocks, no more foot dragging and gaslighting. That is not too much to ask for.

  3. kakuwrd says:

    Hi, I know this isn’t directly related to this post but wanted you to see the attached article.

    It is about a former child-molesting Farmington Hills Priest who was recently arrested for molesting a child in 1977. It makes me wonder what this child-molester and other local, convicted, child-molesting priests of the 70s and beyond know about the OCCK and if any of them want to save their soul before their time comes by telling what they know.

  4. RD1 says:

    I see that you have promoted “Franklin Scandal” and “The Franklin Cover-up”, previously.
    I’m NOT going to use your blog to debate “Franklin” with anyone, (so please don’t bother), but it is apparent to me that you are not aware of the ‘deep’ background story;

    Senator Schmit and JohnDeCamp wanted to hire former CIA DCI William Colby as the legal advisor to the Senate subcommittee investigating Franklin related child abuse allegations.

    When Colby was in Vietnam, he oversaw the Phoenix Program – a genuine CIA ooo-ee-ooo black-ops, wherein suspected VC supporters were identified and tortured, and 26,369 person were “executed” without trial.

    John DeCamp worked under Colby in Vietnam, and ran Operation Babylift – a last-minute evacuation of Vietnamese orphans from Saigon. This was hailed by the US as a humanitarian mission, and to some extent it may have been. Over 3,300 infants and children were evacuated. The Vietnamese loudly protested this, claiming most of the children were not unwanted, and still had family in Vietnam who wanted them back. They were not returned. Most were adopted by Americans, others by other Western nations.

    It could be said that Colby & DeCamp ran black-ops programs that murdered their enemies and trafficked their children to America and the world. They wouldn’t really do that, would they? Of course they would! The CIA taught that little trick to dictators all over South America – murder your enemies and steal (oops, I mean “adopt”) their children – in the extremely well documented Operation Condor;

    Thousands more “trafficked” children. But this was political, surely these children were not sexually abused? It’s not like some of them ended up in the notorious Colonia Dignidad;

    Yes, some did.
    If you are still capable of believing that John DeCamp genuinely cared about trafficked children in America…

  5. bitamoney says:

    If Gunnels has become sincere late in life he can get a private hypnotist to do the session. If he has become sincere late in life.

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