Rich black sheep.

In going through documents my Dad had sent me, I found the 2014 “John Doe” papers I posted on December 18, 2020. I knew John Doe’s real name and that he had named a Fisher–a “GM Fisher,” not an “it’s a common name Fisher”–but I did not know the full name of the person Doe discussed. I knew that Doe had died soon after meeting with my Dad. Even though the man seemed quite ill when he met with my Dad, it was not lost on any of us that the death followed so soon after this meeting. If you think people haven’t died around this case who shouldn’t have, think again.

Two things happened after I posted about John Doe. First, two researchers sent me information linking the Fisher and Briggs families and indicated a name that came into better focus as the person Doe may have been referencing in his documents: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. (DOB 10-6-41; DOD 1-2-89). One of the researchers noted he had been married twice. Another broke down Doe’s notes and filled in gaps. Here is the impressive work the person shared with me:

Note that while the Doe notes/documents are dated January 2014 (he was apparently in the process of writing a book), he met with my Dad later in the year.

I shared this researcher’s work with author and journalist Marney Keenan. Marney assumed I knew the following. I did not. The Doe documents did not provide a name (although he had in fact shared the name verbally with my Dad) and the guy asked for confidentiality. As I explained in my previous post, once someone tells me they need confidentiality, that they won’t fill in any gaps, that they are concerned about safety, I’m not touching it. I will file it in my brain for possible future reference, but I don’t take notes, I don’t write down your phone number, I’m not checking back in. The state police and Oakland County law enforcement won’t even listen to people about the OCCK case–like they are going to protect them or advise them?!? The only people who got protection in this case were the rich, influential pedophiles who were involved in the 1970s pedophile and child porn rings, who continue to remain unnamed. They are the reason this investigation hit a brick wall.

This is what I did not know. My Dad had asked Doe to meet with Marney Keenan to share information about a suspect: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. Doe was writing a book and he agreed to meet with Marney in hopes of advancing the investigation. She explained she was writing a book about the child killings. Doe died the week before the planned dinner.

Marney Keenan continued to try to research Doe’s information. Of course his mother would not talk. His “girlfriend”/beard from the 1970s would not either. By the way, Fisher knew how to pick them. The woman was a single mother of young boys. “It was too long ago,” and obviously hideously painful–you know the drill. Nobody talks honestly and this becomes another loose end.

I think you will agree when you read this information, obtained by Marney Keenan, that this shit is shocking, especially when looked at in light of what Doe was saying. Everell Fisher, Jr. had four tips called in on him between March 20 and March 24, 1977. Three were from anonymous informants and one was from a Detroit cop. Fisher’s girlfriend alibied him for the relevant dates, March 16, 1977 (when Tim was abducted) and March 22, 1977 (when Tim’s body was dumped). And no one with a badge ever considered that with more than one person involved in these crimes, someone could go out to eat while a co-conspirator was killing a kid and then dumping the body. Oh, and I’m sure this guy didn’t drive a Gremlin.

Marney did speak with attorney Mickey Briggs about his cousin Everell. At this point Briggs was “of counsel” at the same law firm my Dad had been with for many years. She explained the conversation was brief and uncomfortable. She told me “Briggs must have said Everell was troubled, but certainly not involved.”

Marney pointed out that one of the tips indicates Fisher had been “institutionalized” between 1960 and 1964 at this hospital–

Certainly not involved. See for yourself.


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  1. Judi Coltman says:

    Very Low Priority. No reason to connect with any of these homicides. Cleared.

    Does not resemble composite. Case cleared

    Out to dinner with girlfriend. Cleared.

    And thank goodness they could take care of this before a trip to Florida. Every time I look at something tied to this case – there is always an excuse, a brush off, a “Nothing to see here” and it can be applied to every single name that comes forward.

    Everill E. Fisher, Jr. lived in a very nice 3000 sf 4 br 2.5 bath house on James Island in Charleston. I’ll bet his neighbors thought he was a a decent person to live near.

  2. lisalink63 says:

    Very violent, divorced guy living with a female impersonator? Nah, I’m sure he’s fine. Clear him. Omg.

  3. lekatzmeow says:

    Do you have any pictures of Everell Fisher jr.? I couldn’t find any.

  4. Paul Jolliffe says:


    Curiouser and curiouser . . .

    As previously argued, John Doe seemed to be on to something, although his information should have been made available decades earlier, not merely in 2014.

    Nonetheless, a few things stand out here:

    1. DPD Sgt. Tom Allan’s informant believed that Fisher was living on Franklin Road “with a female impersonator”.
    2. Tipsters #1 and #3 both cited Fisher’s “violent” temper.
    3. Fisher admitted that he’d been arrested in Grand Rapids on a “homosexual charge”, and two of the three tipsters made reference to possible latent homosexuality.

    4. We don’t have Fisher’s unredacted address, although we can see he lived on Franklin Road. Franklin Road in Southfield is about a half-mile from where Kristine Mihelich’s body was dumped in the snow on Bruce Lane. Franklin is also a short drive to 10 Mile and Greenfield where the body of Mark Stebbins was found.

    5. I agree with Cathy that Fisher had an alibi for the body drops – but the cops were stupid not to consider an accomplice (How did a hair from James Vincent Gunnells wind up on Kristine’s clothing . . .)

    6. I noted last week that John Doe believed that (Fisher’s) name had been turned over to the OCCK Task force by “Al Capice”. I also mentioned then the similarity to Bruce Danto’s informant, “Allen”: both “Al” and “Allen” believed that the their suspect (Fisher?) was very violent and homosexual. John Doe and “Allen” were clearly intimidated by (Fisher?).

    7. McKinney, Faxon, Fisher – all described as very “arty”. The pseudonymous author of the 1980 book “The Oakland County Child Killer” also believed that the key suspect was very much into art. And of course, someone created that horrific image of a screaming boy found on the wall of Chris Busch’s bedroom. Busch, Faxon, Fisher, McKinney – all near (or very, very near) Woodward and Maple.

    8. Fisher – an alleged violent homosexual, who lived and worked in the right location, named as an OCCK suspect by three different anonymous tipsters – should have been investigated. Instead, on a seemingly flimsy basis, he was “cleared”.

    9. I’m not sure what else can be gleaned at this point to pin down this man but consider

    10. His former girlfriend is still very much alive and in the general area, so if anybody’s interested . . .

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a North Woodward Area Telephone Book from 1981 that lists Fisher Jr. living on Gilbert Lake Road in Bloomfield Twp. This is interesting because the address is less than a two mile drive from the Morningview Terrace address, and less than one mile as the crow flies.

  6. I find it very amusing how names like these keep popping up from I guess what is deemed as misinformation because of tampered evidence protecting the business and political elite. Since the COVID-19 outbreak and coming under attacks by those in Michigan I had hoped to gain as allies has me puzzled over the fact that I have over 4.5 hours of recorded evidence starting the first month of the quarantine from John Doe No 2 of the Oklahoma City Bombing nobody wants to hear. They appear too busy trying to make names for themselves instead of putting others safety before theirs which saddens me very much. Jacob Bingham of Kennesaw, Georgia whom has known me all of his life traveled with me last year to Murphy, North Carolina to hear out of others what I told him what went down in the 1990’s and is one of my main supporters. He never doubted what I told him and he took me up on my request and to Murphy we went. Another supporter Eric Kiss an friend of mine from high school did the same thing.
    This year has been the most troubling year in my life with every idiot whom is trying to make a name has called me mentally ill, douche, liar and what ever name the artful idiots can call someone (excluding Catherine Broad whom gave away my area of operation which put myself and others in grqave danger by that older brother of mine and his terrorism associates which I am certain Ms Broad had no intention of doing being unaware of my status and situation.
    Many whom know me well know I do not make stuff up nor am I out to impress anyone and as far as honesty and being truthful that I am too brutal at times with the facts and truth. Anyone whom is so respectful, kind, friendly and outgoing are some of the worse people to upset. There are some things which will trigger a bad situation with people like myself especially for the amount of children I have helped rescue from sex trafficking and pornography from 2005 thru 2007 and I wish everyone all of the luck trying to discredit my successes in getting 323 children as young as 5 rescued not only in the US but the Repubklic of Peru where among the Opra political party and Rotary Club of Peru where I am very well popular and highly respected over shutting down the child trafficking and porn industry as a US Envoy. Dispute That!
    For over 22 years I have watched speculation after speculation and due to admissions by certain suspects involved in terrorism including Francis Shelden thats correct Zell Miller and Andreas Straussmeirs buddy Frank Torre whom flew Andy around Europe after the Oklahoma City attack to avoid federal agents never flew bqack to his native country of Germany like the FBI had told the public. No Andy has been pushing up lillies since September 24, 1999 and his remains are burried in Cherokee County, North Carolina in which was done in self defense. He and his two assailants received Bavarian neck ties for attempting to execute me therefore I am one of those guys whom does not mess around with big mouth bullies whom think they can bully guys like me around.
    A few days earlier his colleagues Eric Robert Rudolph & Company lost their death wager they proposed against me sending Eric from hiding in a cabin to sleeping under a bridge by Ingles and Taco Bell in Murphy and having to resort to eating food out of the dumpster behind what was the Piggly Wiggly. He had until April 1, 2003 to be apprehended or my colleagues and former supporters of his was to hangt him by the neck on the power pole closest to the courthouse.
    It was one of my buddies from middle and high schools cousin Brian Postell whom apprehended Eric on Marcvh 28, 2003 but after losing the death wager did these names come forward out of Erics mouth to others. With one of my buddies stating if I pushed the issue regarding those executives of the automobile industry that nobody would have to execute me because the executives in the automobile industry would have it done to cover up their tracks in child trafficking and murder.
    As discovering the evidence leading to two individuals allegedly being responsi ble for all of these murders is pure 100% Bologne when the facts proves a lot more were involved and with this post proves it. So I hope everyone got their laughs, jokes and hysteria out of the way and out of their system because with witnesses besides myself and admissions out of various suspects I am still persitent in bringing the remaining terrorism suspects to justice and since the recent Nashville attack I am certain more information is going to be gargling up out of these suspects mouths and then we will get down to the bottom of what I was told and witnessed by that bunch in Murphy unless the FBI is still hellbent on the lone wolf conspiracy theories because all of this is too impossible to narrow down to a couple of people. Hell we are talking about a network President Trump calls the Deep State..

  7. Tom says:

    interesting information indeed and my guess another of the gang involved. certainly more than 2 or 3 involved

  8. Kat says:

    Corruption was normal in the 70’s . Check out the Lois Herman story. The Ardmore Bar story is interesting too.

  9. Danielle R Kencik says:

    If any of this comes to light and I mean the whole OCCK corruption, everyone is going to claim they were just following orders .JUST LIKE THE NAZIS.This is probably the biggest corruption case in the history of the U.S. if it was ever uncovered.

    • cathybroad says:

      This is the bottom line. The crimes are worse than the fictional Silence of the Lambs. The coverup/corruption is a thousand times worse than the Larry Nassar case. Or even the Epstein/Maxwell cases.

      L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson are at the top of the pyramid. Those “following orders” include one or two of their assistant prosecutors, some but not all of the prosecutor’s investigators during that time period; every single state police officer who has ever touched this case (even the “nice” ones); Bham Pd Chief Jerry Tobin, Bham PD Chief Don Studt, and possibly other suburban police department/agency members; Sheriff Bouchard, Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton and one or more of their assistant prosecutors and the clerical staff who assisted in the document shred.

      Let’s not forget what the end result was. The killers never answered for these crimes; public safety was permanently damaged; the truth was fundamentally undermined and many, many sex crimes against children during that era were swept under the rug so as not to upset the apple cart.

      But Oakland County stayed wealthy!! With a little help from the weak press in Michigan (Marney Keenan and David Ashenfelter excepted), Brooksie weathered the storm and nobody had to sweat the “small stuff.” Like kids getting abducted, held in captivity and tortured, murdered and dumped in plain sight. Nothing to see here, right?!

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