“The Cass Corridor Ring and the B’ham Ring of pedophiles are the same people. All hanging together at one time or another at the Cass Cab Company that provided services.”

In 2014 my Dad agreed to meet with a man who wanted to tell him his theories about the OCCK case. They met and spoke and there were two witnesses to the conversation that took place. I will refer to him as John Doe. Doe has since died.

I remember my Dad telling me about this meeting; telling me some of what Doe said made sense (if you understood the larger reach of this case, not the pre-packaged law enforcement bullshit being tossed to the public off and on for decades), but the man was a mess. Physically and emotionally. My Dad said the guy most definitely seemed sincere. He shared with me the letter Doe wrote, along with his written addendums. The man had asked for silence, and we obliged. (Like anyone would listen anyway.). Having gotten the overview from my Dad and working against the rage I had that my Dad had to meet with unknown people when the MSP was not doing squat on the case, I started to read the documents.

I’m not going to lie, I fucking gave up. More shit that was too little, too late; unprovable even as lots of it made sense in a sick way. Maddening. Disgusting. Hopeless. Another example of someone coming forward, unloading and feeling much better about that, while the rest of us feel immeasurably worse. Here’s some info, y’all figure it out in your spare time. There are mentions of financial need, although no overt request for money. Another reason to discount it.

Because the guy asked for confidentiality, I ditched the documents and forgot about it. As I went through old files this week, I found them again. The man was dead of “natural causes” soon after the meeting with my Dad and the other two witnesses. My Dad stressed that Doe seemed physically quite ill when they met. One of the witnesses confirmed this with me today; said it was no surprise he died soon after because he looked very sick. I never rule out thugs and assassins from the Cass to Oakland County from that era. Some are still around and still protected, I’m sure. Either way, the man is gone and part of what he appeared to want was for his information to do some good. I am going to post the documents here.

One witness to the conversation told me it was hard to get past the fragmented story, how crazy it sounded, the lack of specifics and the man’s failure to answer direct questions. He apparently broke everything down rather than answer a simple question and was not willing to discuss or admit many things. He seemed to be evasive, incomprehensible and not credible, according to this witness. As you will deduce after reading the documents, he clearly had stuff to hide. I won’t be able to answer the many questions you will have after reading this. Your guess is as good as mine.

Still having the same discussion 43 years later.

Thanks to a reader for sending this article from the LA Times, dated May 26, 1977 with the headline: Child Exploiters Often Rich, Educated, Not ‘Dirty Old Men.’

The article quotes then Genesee County, MI, prosecutor Robert F. Leonard, who had just testified before a House subcomittee regarding the sexual exploitation of children. Leonard described the pernicious nature of child porn rings and pedophelia rings and observed that offenders are often “wealthy, mobile, educated, sometimes very important members of a community.”

Despite this newly gained knowledge, the only person who was busted for the crimes against children in Michigan was Gerald Richards, who got left holding the bag after Frank Shelden and all of his sick pals hit the road. Richards was not in prison long and after his release was busted by the Postal Inspector for child porn. Richards told law enforcement he was just ordering it to conduct his own little sting. Greg Greene was also disposable and unable to hire a big gun attorney and he got warehoused for raping children in Flint during this same time period. As we all well-know, his rich buddy got sprung for $1,000, and free to continue his abuse of children, he did just that.

And despite this 1977 legislation being introduced by Michigan Representative Dale Kildee, the supporting testimony from prosecutor Leonard, and extensive discussion of Richard’s testimony concerning child porn and child sex operations based in Michigan that extended internationally, back at home base in Michigan, nothing was being done to address what was being hashed out in D.C.

Police were not making arrests for very blatant crimes against children, confidential informants were raping children, the money trail including N. Fox Island and Cass Corridor was not being investigated, we now know the Chris Busch information in the OCCK was being walled off in the hopes it would never surface, and the OCCK task force was being shut down (after blowing so much grant money it boggles the mind). The LA Times was talking about this. The Traverse City Record-Eagle was talking about it. The Detroit-area press, not so much.

Such good window dressing in D.C. for the corruption occurring in Oakland County, Midland County, Genessee County, Detroit PD, Birmingham PD, the Michigan State Police and the FBI in the OCCK and related crimes against children from that era. How do you ever approach the issue of justice and meaningful change in a system that has always just protected its own at the expense of all others?

A must listen. The Clown and the Candyman podcast.

The Clown and the Candyman, an eight-part podcast about what happened to kids in the 1970s, when society looked the other way, started airing today. You have to listen. https://play.acast.com/s/the-clown-and-the-candyman/episode1-thecandyman-theinsidestoryofdeancorll.

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