Wow, Rick.

Years later, Michigan officials are going to be made to answer for the Flint water crisis, including ex-Governor Rick Snyder. You might call it a clean up of the people who refused to clean up the water in Flint, Michigan.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office Thursday announced criminal charges for eight former state officials, including Snyder, along with one current official, for their alleged roles in the Flint water crisis. Together the group face 42 counts related to the drinking water catastrophe of roughly seven years ago. The crimes range from perjury to misconduct in office to involuntary manslaughter. I don’t live in Michigan so I was not aware of and did not follow how Snyder was able to pull off what he did. I’m glad he is facing consequences. Jesus, dude.

This is what happens when someone in government decides he knows better than anyone else how to govern or how to make a problem (or a case) go away. The good news is that officials in Michigan are being held to account by an attorney general who is not afraid of the old guard.

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    1. Amen to that. Hopefully Attorney general NESSEL runs for higher office. She’s great. Love our Secretary of State Benson as well. Whitmer is awesome as well. We have some great woman here.

  1. Will she finally put pressure on the agencies who failed to completely investigate the OCCK? Can she and her office take it over? Wouldn’t that be something

  2. Both today’s Detroit Free Press and The Oakland Press have excellent A section articles on who is being charged with what in the Flint water crisis debacle.

  3. Old guard is right. Slowly…finally, it SEEMS a lot of these fat cats and entitled big shots from the past, are finally starting to get theirs.

    I’m happy to say that people slightly before and in my generation, are starting to rise into power and see the bullshit that has been allowed to linger by retread politicians and power brokers over the years. I’m hopeful that the clean up has started. And hopefully this newer generation will also force this case to be exposed and broke open once and for all.

    These charges would have never happened years ago, in the “old days”. If a disgusting, slob, pedophile like Busch could get out of horrific charges to due to privilege, power and money, you really think a former State Governor and colleagues in his orbit would be charged like they have been yesterday? Hell no.

    Hopefully this is the beginning of some wins for the PEOPLE who have been victimized and ignored.

  4. I recall watching with great disappointment then-president Barack Obama capitulate—like other neo-liberal presidents before him and likely after him—to big money politics in the very worst way, with the Flint, Michigan drinking-water atrocity.

    I call it an atrocity due to safe drinking water being the second most immediate fundamental necessity of life (the first, of course, being clean air).

    A then admirer of Obama, I muttered ‘Please say it isn’t so’ as he drank (at least what supposedly was) a glass of the Flint water; this signified that the health-hazardously lead-laden water is actually safe to drink, which he must have known is not.

    It became clearer to me that U.S. presidents, and no less Canadian prime ministers, mostly serve as large corporate and power interest puppets.

    The political system essentially involves two established conservative and (neo)liberal parties more or less alternating in governance while habitually kowtowing to the interests of the very wealthy but especially big business’s crippling threats (whether implied or explicit) of a loss of jobs, capital investment and/or economic stability, etcetera.

    This of course fails to mention, amongst other things, the corporate-welfare-cheque subsidies doled out annually to already very profitable corporations and the forgiveness of huge loan debts owed to taxpayers.

    (Not helping matters is that almost all of our information is still produced and/or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned media.)

    This corporate-political reality may be why so many low-income citizens have felt futility in voting at all, let alone waiting in a long line-up in the weather to do so.

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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