Manner of Death

A reader made some interesting observations:

One aspect of the suicide scene that needs an additional look at is his blood/alcohol level which was measured at .41%. The AMA states that a .40% level is lethal in 50% of the adult population.
This brings up a few thoughts.

1) Busch was obviously blind drunk, probably pass out drunk when he died. Would he have the physical capability to go upstairs, wrap himself around in his sheets, load and properly aim a rifle right between his eyes?

2) In this physical condition he would be able to offer very little to no resistance. He’d be a very easy mark to be killed!

3) If he was dead before he was shot, how exactly was he killed? Even though the forensic analysis at the scene came up way short of of a true investigation, there didn’t appear to be any obvious things such as stab wounds, strangulation marks, etc.)
Could he have been killed the same way the kids were by someone from the OCCK gang to keep him from spilling the beans. Someone who participated the murders.
The real purpose of the gunshot to the head was to mask how he really died. It was very effective given the quality of police work.
Very similar to the Jill Robinson disposal scene

Just for “fun,” compare a few pages from the long out-of-print 1980 book The Oakland County Child Killer, written by Michael L. Parrott. It would appear from this chapter and indeed most of the book, that Mr. Parrott was a true master of retrocognition. Check it out:

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    1. I believe the author of the OCCK book was Michael Parrott and the one in the link you provided was Les Parrott.

      1. The author is Michael Parrott but his book at AbeBooks is 95. Anybody want to lend me a copy? To be returned ASAP.

        1. Mine has sensitive notes I cannot share. Is there something specific you are looking for that I might be able to reference somehow?

              1. Right? What a prick? I, too, went searching for a copy and landed on this asshole’s page.

                I must say, reading the pages you’ve already posted from this book has piqued my interest along with other readers here.

                Thanks in advance for taking the time to post this book later.

  1. Busch’s huge alcohol level has been mentioned before. Of course he couldn’t have hit himself between the eyes, maybe he wasn’t even conscious. The question is, did someone force this much alcohol into him? Did anyone else shoot him in the bedroom without spraying blood all over? There was no blood spray on the bed headboard, walls, floor, objects etc. He wasn’t killed in that room. Did his family hire someone to kill the monster that was ruining the family? All manner of hitmen are available in the Detroit area.

    1. Hmmm… its almost like Busch was displayed like the children, except it was in his room and not in the snow. Can’t imagine a point-blank gunshot would cause so little mess, and of course, no powder on his hands. Not one thing actually points to suicide, so effing ridiculous.

  2. Not sure if Busch was involved in OCCK. I obviously don’t have your knowledge of case. The thing that struck me the most on suicide is reading that the maid called his brother to open the door and the brother called the police. Doesn’t that seem strange? Would seem natural to just run the keys over yourself. Don’t want to accuse anyone but the house was locked up, and the brother would have been able to do that. Cathy, would like your comment when you can. Also, due to notoriety of this case, it would seem the MSP would be all over genealogy matching no matter how difficult. They could turn this over to a company that does that work.

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