Captured from the Wayback Machine

Thanks again to a reader who found segments of my Dad’s blog on the Wayback Machine Web Archive. I don’t know why the blog disappeared; perhaps a bill for the website or the domain name was forwarded to my Dad in the last three months of his life and it got lost in the mayhem that is end of life. The segments were transferred to a Word doc and the first batch is best read last page first. Parts are missing, but it is still followable.

This second section can be read first page first, some gaps, some out of order, but followable:

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  1. In chapter 25 your dad talks about a cop who called him and they discussed the case.
    The cop gave information off the official record and your dad said he would not release that info for the time being, and that he had kept a file on that phone conversation.
    Have you seen this file and has this info already been released? There was a Bham cop, Officer Soloman, who was active at the 76 -77 time period and whom I think is one with a conscience.
    If he could be contacted, he might have some straight answers.

  2. I do not have access to my dad’s files and probably won’t for months, if ever. I am aware of a very short memo he prepared after talking to an employee of the MSP who called him around in 2015, would not reveal identity and said was very concerned that the OCP was withholding information. There was no mention of Busch in this very brief memo. My dad clearly promised confidentiality because the memo was in an envelope to be given to his kids after he died. There was not much to go on in this memo and while I think the caller could be identified, if the caller was not willing to be more specific and helpful in 2015 I am not sure after retirement the caller would be any more forthcoming. Most of these people close ranks. It’s pathetic. But from the memo I was provided there was no indication that this call was as long as an hour or of any specifics beyond the fact that the caller was very concerned about the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office being dirty. It didn’t help much.

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