What is our position in this case? (Or as officials love to say, Just what do you want us to do????)

A reader let me know that my Dad’s blog, Barry King, A Father’s Story, is no longer online. My Dad’s old law firm helped him manage this blog and it appears they have taken it down since his death. Neither I nor my siblings were notified of this or notified whether the content was captured. The lack of communication is, at this point, not surprising to me; rather it is par for the course.

With the help of another reader we put the 2013 DVD segments from Decades of Deceit: A True Story of the King Family Search for the Oakland County Child Killer up on YouTube last April. If you haven’t watched it, you should. This has most of what was on my Dad’s blog, just in a different format. Nothing has changed since 2013–we have not gotten answers from law enforcement or officials. There are 31 “chapters,” start with this one where my Dad describes why he felt compelled to make this DVD:

The timeline of video segments can be found at:

They just ran out the clock on my Dad. Their behavior is beyond shameful and in some cases I believe it is criminal and this explains the utter lack of transparency and outright deception. It explains the decades of deceit.

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  1. I hate it when I am an old person and I forget about the magical properties of the internet. A reader checked the Wayback Machine Web Archive for my Dad’s blog and captured what she could and put it in two Word Docs and sent them to me. I will scan and post. Thank you, Judi!

  2. Maybe the host has backups and you can re-buy the website? (Or just re-sign up for it if it was free?)

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