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Tonight and tomorrow night the four-part true crime series The Clown and The Candyman begins airing on the ID channel. The series explores murders committed by two prolific serial killers of young men, John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown and Dean Corll, the Candyman and outlines the underground child sex trafficking ring that connects the two killers.

Previously the series was airing on Discovery-Plus and the companion podcast, which discusses the Oakland County Child Killer case (Episode 2) and Frank Shelden’s original pedophile Island on N. Fox Island in northern Michigan (Episode 3) has been available since late January.

As Executive Producer Jacqueline Bynon well-knows from her work on the docuseries about the OCCK crimes, Children of the Snow,

“This is a real life, never ending horror story,” she emphasized, “And it’s still going on. It’s just that in the 1970s, we were kind of naive. And we didn’t know. And it started to be exposed. Now we have social media. So we’re now thinking, Oh, it’s all over the place. Well, they’re always all over the place. But now we’re just hearing more about it, but we’re still not catching them.”

I want to emphasize that even as these crimes are being discussed internationally via media, there is a complete vacuum in the OCCK investigation. This has always been by design. The producers of Children of the Snow literally had to hammer investigators to provide a tip line to be provided at the conclusion of the series, which aired in February 2019. We know that this Michigan State Police tip line has been dead for some months. Other Michigan agencies will refer callers to the MSP. Where your tip will die. And don’t be so sure you can trust any Oakland County agency to take your information seriously. There is a long line of people who have tried and gotten shut down.

And we know old, very cold cases of sexual abuse of children are being taken seriously elsewhere. Just not in Oakland County.

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  1. Frequent Obsverver says:

    Would like to see you get on the new America Most Wanted (AMW) TV series and rattle some chains to see if anyone can put pressure on Michigan investigation to lift a finger. Or hand the case over to someone that will do something. See if Sgt Wurtz from the old OCCK team is still active with the AMW staff? See what he says about John’s polygraph conclusions from Georgia in print and the respectable family that he once claims he came from. It’s time for the world to know how pathetic this really is!

    • JN says:

      I’d like to see the series myself. I’m praying they bring Hastings polygraph to light. You mean the upstanding family that has nothing on John boy on their social media platforms . Not one thing mentioning him . Not one photo is him. Not even his daughter has anything on him. A little strange don’t ya think?

    • JN says:

      I’d like to see the conclusions on Hastings polygraph as well . You mean the upstanding family that has never mentioned their sibling or not one photo of John boy on their social media flatworms . His daughter doesn’t even mention him. A little strange?

      • When it happens says:


        I can only imagine that someone either an author or a media producer some day is going to run with it. Actually have the guts and go with the behind the story of Helen Dagner and John. The myth that rings with truth. The police continuous looking the other way thru the years with excuses because their egos were damaged by Helen and her internet prowess. The ridiculous investigation since day one, documented in details in the FOIA papers. The questionable suspicious polygraph will be the highlight where people are going to say WTF. Over 10 years (maybe 20 by then) and no explanation in sight where those conclusions came from! They find out the OCCK was underneath their noses all of that time. To take a lesson from Helen with all caps UNDERNEATH THEIR NOSES for decades. Something that no one will ever want to face. The famous OCCK case where just about every stone was unturn for reasons that can’t be explained. Well actually they can be explained but who on earth would want to go there?

        • cathybroad says:

          And don’t forget; these people SAT ON evidence in a serial homicide of children who were held captive, tortured and dumped on suburban streets for over THIRTY YEARS! Even now they can’t really tell you what they have or explain why the evidence was misfiled, mishandled and why, it just so conveniently happens, there is no decent DNA in this case involving four homicides. Sorry, extinguished during testing. No one accounts for shit in this case. The last time you heard from an official? Cooper in July 2012 telling the public (and Arch Sloan) that a magic hair in his Bonneville is a mtDNA match to hairs found on the boys, but doesn’t belong to Sloan. You gotta love their needles in the haystack. And Hastings is just sitting right by the haystack. WTF? Lots of people know what happened in this case and in the investigation. Some of them are still living, and still able to live with themselves.

          • JN says:

            Catherine, I’m hoping Dana Nessel will have the will that Cooper didn’t have to not brush this case off. They should bring in the national FBI agency for this. Whatever it takes. Obviously people are not going away and just go on their merry way. NOT GOING GO HAPPEN. Sometimes I feel the powers that be are just waiting for all suspects to pass. We know the suspects that are left. We know the physical evidence that’s there. Maybe someone needs to contact a Hollywood Producer to bring this to national attention.

  2. Joe says:

    Is this 9 pm est ?

  3. Bridget says:

    Cathy! I just totally happened to see this as a total fluke and caught the dedication at the end to your dad. Obviously this then resulted in Googling and here I am.

    Thinking of you and your family!

    Sending so much love and support your way <3

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