Francis “Frank” Duffield Shelden

Thanks to a reader for this addition to an entry for this POS:

We won’t forget those who aided and abetted you, either, or your attorneys, law enforcement and politicians who looked the other way.

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  1. My mother’s big dream was to buy a colonial home in Rosedale Park, never dreaming that this rich criminal was the founder of it.

  2. I want some fking answers why these bastards in the 70’s found it okay to violate children what the heck happened to these people when they were children, there are so many people that are responsible for what happened to children it is not funny and they all think their fking silence has really worked lmao only one you can’t fool and He saw it all and has a special place for all these molesters, and murderers.
    I know of a molester in the area I live in now and he just came up with Liver Cancer hmmm guess you been got and all the others are in line for what they deserve can’t wait to see it or hear it, sick of this case not being solved and this is such a disgrace to be a cold case all these years, Get off your asses and do what is right before you meet your maker fkers.

  3. As someone that experienced Frank Shelden first hand, I can only hope there is a Hell, and there is a special place for pedophiles. There was network of these evil individuals, and although they may not have known each other personally, but this person, and that person, knows another. I firmly believe there was a link between them all. Until recently I had never shared my story
    My only regret is I feel I should have spoken up when the incident occurred but being a 12 year old boy, it was difficult to share with anyone, even my parents.

    1. That is what these predators count on, David. A number of people who claim to have seen my brother during the time of his captivity reported he seemed calm or not unduly agitated. This is no doubt because his captors told him if he did what he was told and did not make trouble, they would not kill him and they would return him to his family. If he ever told anyone, they would kill his entire family. Chris Busch, for example, had a handgun he kept under the seat of his car. He owned a shotgun.

      Add in the fact that, even today, many people do not believe the “stories” of victims of child sexual abuse and the scale tips entirely in favor of these animals disguised as human beings.

  4. Catherine, thank you for believing my story. I sometimes wonder if things may have been different, if kids like myself, and others had spoken up sooner, rather than bury the horrific events deep within ourselves. Even now there are people that don’t believe, or refuse to accept what has happened. Your forum gives us the chance to come forward with our stories and Express what happened many years ago, and continues to happen today. Back then we worried about what happened on the streets, now parents have to worry about people like Frank Shelden and Chris Busch secretly coming into their homes via social media, and other sites.

  5. I also think as parents, we raise our kids to respect adults and parents did even more so back then, never dreaming that these creeps would take advantage of the politeness and deference to adults. I think today, the difference is kids are watched over much more closely at sports practices, church youth group events, going to the store etc. As a parent, I had to be present at all these things at my kids Catholic school to watch every practice etc. In fact, Catholic schools today require parent volunteers to be trained to spot sexual abuse and train priests and teachers to always have another adult present and they are very much afraid to be alone with kids anyway. I really don’t think its healthy.. Back then, parents gave kids more freedom to roam -to ride your bike to 7-11 or the candy store without worry. These guys were predators, just like animals waiting and watching for the one moment a vulnerable kid was alone or railing behind the other kids, like a puppy who wandered from the pack for a second. Just like pedatory animals.
    I do remember as a kid being told by other kids to avoid a particular old man in an apartment by our school who was always trying to give us candy on the way home from school. In a kids mind it was just stay away from him-he is scary but no kid at 11 or 12 years old understands that they are going to be sexual fodder for these predators, There is no way you could prepare a kid for that anyway.

    1. Absolutely correct. I met Frank Shelden at a local store. I asked him for the time. I don’t believe it was a chance encounter. I believe I was targeted, and he put himself in a position for an encounter. I was 12 at the time. We hadn’t heard of pedophiles, and men that would do harm to us. To me he was an older “gentleman”. It was later that I found out his true character. As bad as my encounter was, it could have been much worse. Having read the horror stories that occurred on Fox Island, these monsters destroyed many lives

      1. Hey David thanks for telling us about your experience I know it must feel wonderful to just get it out, target you were for sure by the looks of it, but you can turn your situation around to a good thing to help others that have gone through the same hurt and don’t know how to let it go, and surely you can help in getting the predators caught, I believe you and hope that you will continue to heal from the ordeal.

        I never got sexually attacked by the OCCK but I did live through an attempted kidnapping, feeling very blessed to survived and was not killed by him but we all have something to teach the world and it is time to do the teaching, thanks for opening up.
        Cathy and her family have helped all of us to connect with others that have been violated and we can all keep in touch and keep inspiring each other, I just wish I could erase the face from my mind but it is always there and guess it will always be I have accepted it, but I still want these predators to be caught and burned at the stakes.

  6. OCCK Survivor. Thank you for the kind words. It has taken me 45 years to finally get to the point that I can discuss what happened back in 1976. As I said, as bad as my experience was, it could have been much worse. I’m sure like you, I don’t dwell on it all day, but not a day goes by that it doesn’t cross my mind. I feel absolutely horrible for what happened to Matk, Jill, Kristine and Tim. Instead of solving these heinous crimes, it seems as though Oakland Cointy officials have done everything in their power to cover up the crimes, due to the wealth and influence of the suspected perpetrators. I truly appreciate Caterine for holding their feet to the fire, and trying to make them accountable for their actions.

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