Dereliction of Duty

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced it will hold an oversight hearing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) dereliction of duty in the Larry Nassar case, which enabled the continued abuse of dozens of victims.

Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin issued a statement about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Nassar investigation:

Michigan Senator Gary Peters did, too:

This kind of oversight is all that’s left and who knows what it will mean/do. The FBI blew it in this case. In the Epstein case, it was then attorney general for the Southern District of Florida, Alex Acosta, who blew it. When the legal system is stacked against victims of sex crimes and populated with men doing favors for themselves and their buddies to the detriment of justice, just where is someone supposed to turn? The feds seem to be no better than the locals.

The congressional delegation for Michigan’s 11th and 8th districts should pay particular attention to not only the findings of the IG report, but the Senate inquiry, as they should consider the actions of the Oakland County prosecutors and the Michigan State Police throughout the years in the OCCK case in the same light. Malfeasance that resulted in further sexual victimization and murder. And a continuing cover-up to make sure no one knows the truth or gets any justice.

The OCCK investigation goes well beyond “poor judgment.” No one in government there is willing to look at any of the malfeasance in this case, let alone misfeasance, to “ensure nothing like this ever happens again.” If you modify Sen. Peters quote just a bit, the same is true in the OCCK case:

“These findings are absolutely appalling and reinforce the systemic failure that allowed a monster to continue inflicting sexual abuse on [young children in Oakland County]. We must ensure this can never happen again.

Oh wait. There will never be any findings. Because Oakland County, Michigan and the Michigan State Police continue to withhold and bury evidence that would appall you and the entire world.

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  1. Bingo! Hit the nail on the head. This is the stuff that if enough people cared about we could weed out the corruption of both political parties. Truth is both political parties work together to give a false reality of a 2 state society. When in all reality the rich and politically connected are always protected. I mean look at the Cosby case. Like I said and showed you about Nessel opposing the sex offender registry. Smfh so she goes after some priests but all these other offenders getting out prison just slip back into society. I saw something the other day about a repeat offender in Eastpointe exposing himself to kids. Then Literally 2 years ago there was an individual by the name of William Benjamin Brown who did the same thing. Except that guy even with having a prior still to this day was never ordered to the sex offender registry. He got caught masturbating at Dodge park multiple times in Sterling Heights. I mean think to guys like Bush and Green. People like Nessel assume the prison or petty jail time is enough and the registry is just a stagima. My ass and you know I look at this case and I honestly think if there was a sex offender registry these kids could have been much safer. All these counties in and around Detroit are corrupt and of course thats where all the big players are from or connected to others are from so they just love down playing the magnitude of the injustice and coverups. I am surprised you and your family can even stomach this country after what happen to your brother and how the people put in office to serve in protect really dont care about doing just that. It’s sick and the webs are massive

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