Bad news for freaks.

A new metadata system is trying to catch up to the creators, purveyors and users of child pornography:

Can you imagine that Frank Shelden and Chris Busch, both wealthy men with every possible advantage in life, created, filmed and financed this kind of monstrous shit? And that neither one was ever punished for this and other horrific sex crimes?

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  1. This area of metadata is only gonna get better snd more sophisticated. Those freaks abusing children can run but they can’t hide forever!

  2. It’s like drugs. It appears they usually go after the guys who watch it and not the actual producers or distributors.

  3. When it comes to Frank Shelden, when he fled the country the US didn’t have an extradition agreement with the Netherlands. The issue with child pornography is that it’s worldwide, and the perpetrators should be held accountable wherever, and whenever they are arrested. This is a worldwide problem and should be treated as such. There should be no where these monsters can hide

  4. It’s my understanding it is only legal in the Netherlands and Denmark, so they flee there.

    • Hey I really don’t know about all over Europe but in the 80’s it was legal in Germany now I don’t know about now, I was sickened when I was lost and went into a gas station for help and saw Child Pronongraphy on the shelves along with adult porn, I yelled at the store owner and said He was sick to sell it and how awful it is for the children of Germany, he said, I am sorry but it is legal I am not a criminal mam. I was so dang disgusted and never looked at Germany the same again, as well as prostitution is legal, the only good thing about that as later I had a friend who was a Prossie over there, she told me that they supply them with condoms and have them tested regularly, so the government does protect them unlike our country. It was a learning experience for sure, I think child porn is banned in Germany now according to my research, thank God!

    • Child sexual abuse images are no longer “legal”, in any European Union nation. A law passed in Netherlands in 1986 criminalized the following;

      “public offer and exhibition of images that offend decency” (article 240: For “offense against decency” the Chick decision still sets the precedent, so the number of prosecutions for the time being will not be very great);
      “the display to children younger than 16 years of objects or images that may be considered damaging for persons younger than 16 (article 240a);
      “the dissemination and public display of child pornography (article 240b)”

      Well, this is good news Cathy. Not just, that the proliferation of CSA images is being reduced, but also that the law enforcement folks charged with examining images; to classify, to determine how recent (if new or not), to identify perpetrators, won’t have to suffer through quite as many viewings. I know, it’s hard on their minds, hearts & souls. They are a special type of hero.

      • Nice find would you believe my story is from 1985 that is when I arrived in Germany as I was military, so wonderful to hear it changed a year after I was there.

  5. What makes me so sick is that bastard Shelden was able to escape as authorities were closing in. The poor children he and his network abused never got to escape – they have had to deal with the memories and aftermath their whole lives. It is just sickening and maddening. If I think about it too much, I feel like I am going to explode- I can’t imagine how victims and their families feel.

    • I’m not 100% convinced that Frank Shelden is dead but if he is, where did the money go?

        • As big as a freak as Frank Sheldon was, I don’t think he was involved in our OCCK cases. I don’t feel he was the type to murder. Molest yes, but to murder children, I don’t see it. I feel our perpetrator lies within the proximity our 9 to Maple roads and specifically Tuckahoe rd in Bloomfield. This guy knew the area like the back of his hand.

          • Although he wasn’t personally involved, I believe he associated with those that were. I also believe Arch Sloan, and John Hastings know. Hopefully these horrorific crimes can be solved before everyone involved is gone. The families deserve honest answers.

            • Ted Lamborgine knows too. I wonder if he doesn’t fear for the safety of his mother and sister if he comes forward. AFAIK Sloan is going to die in prison and has no reason to cooperate. Chris Busch’s brother is also worried about retribution or he would submit a DNA sample without his children going into the witness protection program. Who are they afraid of?

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