A prosecutor in Pennsylvania makes good on campaign promise to review cold cases and use DNA evidence.

Warren County, PA Prosecuting Attorney Jim Pfeiffer announced that the victim of a 1991 homicide had been identified after his office collaborated with the New Jersey State Police Cold Case Unit, the state police Office of Forensic Sciences, the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, BODE Technologies (a private company) and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Pfeiffer has made it a priority to use DNA technology to help solve cold case homicides since he took office last year.


Imagine if there was this kind of collaboration in the OCCK case. It is crystal clear to me why there never has been and probably never will be. The OCP office of L.B. Patterson and Richard Thompson was all too happy to leave this festering file of corruption and incompetence parked with the Michigan State Police, an agency with a massive chip on its shoulder and a penchant for pushing food around the “forever open investigation” plate. Now that all who remain from the initial investigation days can apparently not remember what they had for breakfast today, let alone what they did in the biggest serial murder case in Michigan history over forty years ago, and no one new has the appetite or courage to take this on, it appears Brooksie’s ignoble strategy was solid.

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  1. Referring to the thread several down from here titled …

    Protecting Pedophiles is Always at the Expense of Victims Posted November 17, 2001

    Questions at the the very last comment in the comment section in regards to the following.

    – “I’ve never met Hastings, nor seen his charts, but I know those who have. One of whom was good friends with another of the known four victim’s families. ” –

    Does anyone know what this is about? That was a quote from Patrick T. Coffey and sounds to me like he’s referring to multiple people have seen charts from his 2009 polygraph from Georgia. If that is truly the case, it’s the same polygraph tests that we’ve been questioning about for a long time here on this blog. Or at least the conclusions written from it. So what gives here? Has people really seen data from that polygraph? Maybe I’m reading into this wrong or maybe it was not worded correctly? Seems to me if this was true that someone out there could sure shed some light on things.

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