Documents concerning the investigation into Mark Stebbins’ death.

Again, in order as received. First files are from MARK STEBBINS, SOUTHFIELD PD REPORT:

I added the final file so this is the entire set of documents from the file marked MARK STEBBINS.

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  1. Joe says:

    What is with this ice chest from suspect’s car ?

  2. Jeremy says:

    When i think about all of the times i went shopping with my mother at New Orleans Mall at the Shopping Center Market and went by myself to the Effros Drug store to buy candy, it still freaks me out to this day that Mark was found there. I was 11 years old in 1976 and living on 11 mile and Greenfield, a mile away. There are so many things about this particular killing that just dont register with me. A little boy is abducted on 9 mile in Ferndale which, even in 1976 was a busy area and nobody sees anything? His body was dumped at New Orleans Mall in Southfield – 10 mile and Greenfield and that area was always busy and again, nobody sees anything?? Also, what kind of sick bastard leaves a funeral card at the site where the body was found?. Is it the killer who leaves it or someone who is spiritual and is marking the spot? Thank you for posting these documents, I never realized how many sick individuals where in the surrounding area at the time –probbably still are. And the number of fake leads and how badly the local and state Police botched this case and all of the OCCK cases.

  3. Emanon says:

    I have so many questions and I’m just digging in. I am very curious as to how and why some suspects were cleared. For example, one William Allen Peterson, former downstairs neighbor of the Stebbins family, convicted sex offender and Birmingham native. Could he have been acquainted with Hastings also? Daniel Droney is another who was looked at closely. One thing is certain, there were a lot of sick fucks (for lack of a better term) in a pretty small radius. At least we have the sex offender registry now.

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