4 thoughts on “Police zero in on ex-boyfriend, ATF agent as suspect in Gail Webster killing.”

  1. They should look into this guy’s relashionship with Jim Fresard Pontiac Royal Oak .

  2. Cathy,

    The facial resemblance to the suspect sketch is remarkable, far more than for McKinney, Busch, or Greene.

    It is curious to me that Van Hengel (supposedly) was a member of an American Legion Post (albeit 225 is in Minnesota, a place in which Van Hengel was not based, so 225 is probably the wrong post number).


    Mark Stebbins disappeared after leaving the American Legion Post on Livernois in Ferndale.

    Also note that Van Hengel (allegedly) did “contract work” for the FBI. In other words, he performed tasks the bureau did not want to get directly involved with.

    The three-week period from late October to November 22, 1978, sure was a violent time in Oakland County along the Woodward Corridor for people connected tangentially to the OCCK case, wasn’t it?

    1. It sure was, Paul. Loose ends and clean up.

      There is so much to say about Van Hengel and I will probably wait until all of Marney Keenan’s reporting is out there (two more days). The man had a badge (a reader asked about his badge number and I am curious, too). He was a member of the BIG BROTHERS organization. For now I will just state my overwhelmingly sickening feeling as I read yet more evidence of how law enforcement in that area and that era got every single “pass” and consideration. This freak, Richard Clayton (DPD), Jim Cox (Berkley PD). Even Richard McNamee, pedophile cop from Bloomfield Twp. who gets a decent recommendation as he is shown the door.

      The suburban dirty cops had a great gig. Back then a relatively cushy law enforcement job (property crimes and traffic enforcement). They abused their power and got cut slack from fellow law enforcement who kept their mouths shut. I am talking about dirty cops here. Big crime–a homicide? Oh, too hard–we’re just suburban departments without resources or experience. Someone in LE gets turned in to the OCCK task force? Do you honestly think he would get a close look?? A guy like Van Hengel is “in” with the FBI. Many probably turned a blind eye.

      The quote from the nephew about the vast array of women this pig dated from all walks of life, so yeah no surprise one wound up dead???? Victim-blame much you misogynist jerk?!

      Finally (for now) can you imagine the level of intimidation some of these dirty cops engaged in back then? It undermines society enough to have vicious crimes go unsolved. Ponder for a few minutes what a law enforcement agent like Van Hengel, with his “connections,” could do to make someone’s life miserable. Or end it.

    2. Paul, thanks for the link. The American Legion information is intriguing. The Royal Oak post is 253, and the parking lot is right next door to to a possible place where Jill’s bike was found.

      Royal Oak was definitely where Van Hengel seemed to spend much time. If you read the 1980 ATF sting case, he was spending time at DeLuca’s on Woodward to set up the sting. This was at or near another alleged location for Jill’s bike.

      Not that I am trying to re-open the whole conversation about the bike like we had in a past post.

      To your point on the composite, I think the article should have used the composite without the “mutton chop” sideburns, and looking straight ahead. This composite indicates a possible hair part, and no sideburns.

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