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  1. To which funeral home was the body taken in 1978? While it is very unlikely, maybe someone still remembers something about how the nightgown and the robe “disappeared”, especially if something unusual happened before the funeral. (If, say, some overbearing law enforcement official flashed a badge and confiscated the robe and the nightgown as “evidence” . . .)

    Maybe the two best pieces of evidence for the suspect’s DNA really were just lost or mislabeled in some evidence collection room by some incompetent agency.

    But I doubt it – the nightgown and the robe probably “disappeared” because they might have led to the killer.

    1. Troy Police posted an article on twitter on 10/6/2020. It indicates services were at 1:00 pm Wednesday (I assume 11/1/1978), at the Kinsey-Garrett Funeral Home, 420 S. Lafayette, Royal Oak.

  2. So which car was seen at Jill Robinson’s site? 67 Tempest or 71 Lemans?? One of these two authors don’t have the facts straight.

    Marney says the following in the article: More specifically, in the slaying of Jill Robinson, a motorist reported seeing a light blue 1967 Pontiac Tempest in the early morning hours of Dec. 26, 1976, pulled over to the shoulder of the Interstate 75 north Big Beaver exit where Jill had been shot and killed, which is less than a mile from where Gail Webster lived. The motorist said he was certain of the year of the car because he had owned one previously. He also said the paint of the car was faded, and the right tail lens was broken in the corner, emitting a white light.

    Julia Ciarnci taken from the book “After the Snow” states: In Jill Robinson’s case, the witness was driving his car on highway I-75 at 3:30 in the morning when he spotted a 1971 Pontiac LeMans idling on the highway shoulder. As the witness slowed down and merged into the left lane as he approached the LeMans, the LeMans slowly pulled onto the road. The witness was adamant to the police that it was a 1971 LeMans because he had once owned a 1971 LeMans. The witness told police that not only were primer spots marring the left side of the LeMans, but the car had a broken, left taillight.

    1. In fairness, a retired police officer told our family in 2005 or 6 that it was a 1971 LeMans. Way down the road he said that after he was able to consult notes, his recollection was incorrect. Wouldn’t have been nice if police had gotten all the car info out to the public early and often? How about the car info witness Doug Wilson gave the FBI in June 1977??? How about the details of the car impressions left in the snow bank near Kristine’s body???

      The cops kept this shit under wraps when it could have made a big difference. Instead we got to listen to All AMC blue Gremlin All the Time.

      Civilians and authors have been trying to piece this together because the cops won’t.

      1. And you know what? In the very beginning, at that time, the only person who would listen to me was Julia Cianci. We worked with what we had at the time.

      2. Thanks for responding and clearing that up a bit! March 16 1977 was my 9th birthday. Around that time, living in Warren, I had just started comprehending to read a newspaper. So I remember when all this happened and since I have the same first name as your brother, the news stayed with me and affected me longer. Either that same year or a year later, my younger sister and I were walking near our home when a man driving slowly appeared to follow us before pulling by the curb, rolling down the passenger window and beckoning to us to come closer. We didn’t stick around to find out what he wanted from us. Those Stranger Danger classes at school as a result of all this I think certainly helped us.

      3. I take it there’s no way to look up all Michigan registered plate numbers of “222” from 76-77?

  3. Could it be possible that RVH hooked up with Busch for the murder of Gail Webster as the blue green Pontiac was seen in the area and RVH being a ATF agent knowing guns – killed Busch because he thought he might squeal? Gail Websters murder was October of 1978 and Busch died November of 1978. Maybe Busch knew too much and RVH knocked him off?

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