Site Visitors From Around the World

As predicted, after my post on North Fox Island and the connected pedophile and child pornography rings, I had the most multinational visitors to my blog in one day to date.  Usually I have people reading from the US, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic.  Yesterday there were all kinds of flags flying in the statistics platform to my blog, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom (33 views), Germany (2 views), Australia (1 view), Ireland (1 view) and Norway (1 view).  North Fox Island and the “work” of Frank Shelden had an international following/participation back in the day and apparently there are still those today who are interested enough who must have Google alerts set to pick up on anything related to North Fox and Shelden–and I’m sure any mention of “The Franklin Scandal” sets off alarm bells as well.  I just wish one of those men had a conscience.  But that is asking for far too much.