South Fox Island

A friend who is close to the case pointed out the following about South Fox Island, which was supposedly a “hunting” island.  It was  used by drug runners, it was raided at one point back in the day, and people were arrested.  The MSP, FBI and DEA had to have been involved.  North Fox had the landing strip and South Fox was a stone’s throw away.

The now owner of South Fox, Dave Johnson of Oakland County, is quite wealthy and apparently did extensive research into the ownership of both islands.  He owned both islands at one point (post-Shelden) and later traded real estate on South Fox for North Fox so the State of Michigan could have all of North Fox.  Someone must have detailed records of ownership of both islands.  As my friend pointed out, there are probably flight logs dating back to 1975 still sitting up there with names in them.  That would make for some good reading.

Finally, as my wise friend observed:  “I don’t think this will be solved until pretty much anyone connected is dead.” I completely agree.  Some day down the road, somebody with a voice will put this together and reveal how sickening it all is.  And those who were attached to any of this and still hanging on will just have to deal with it.  They have gotten a 36-year Get Out of Jail Free Card, but I don’t think anyone in Oakland County can hand out Get Out of Hell Free Cards.

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