Paranoia or History Repeating Itself?

I am just going to put this out there.  I have been having serious computer troubles since the article about my blog appeared in The Birmingham Eccentric.  I just was unable to post an entry I spent a fair amount of time on–and it got lost in the ether instead of going where these mis-fires usually go–to the draft file.  These are the kind of computer issues I had a few years ago when I was communicating with an author about the Fox Island pedophile ring.  She had worse computer issues during that time on her pc, as did one of her sources.  Big Brother and the Thought Police all wrapped into one.  These are not typical computer issues, certainly not for a Mac.

My brothers and I often “joke” that there is no need to contact the MSP, the OCP or the FBI about anything since they are already reading our texts and emails.  I know this sounds incredibly paranoid.  I am also betting monied and “upstanding” men associated with pedophile rings back in the day would not hesitate to retain a hacker.

There are a number of very suspicious suicides associated, at least tangentially, with this case.  This has caused my brothers and I, along with members of another victim’s family members to repeat to each other on occasion:  “I am not now, nor have I ever been, suicidal.  If I die any time soon, run a tox screen and ask a lot of questions.”  We laugh about it–but not that hard.

And, I am going to go back in and post the same damn thing that went into the ether a few minutes ago.  Give me 30 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Paranoia or History Repeating Itself?”

  1. You and your brother are not alone in your thoughts about big brother watching. “Oh -No” they say – “we would never violate the constitution.” Then they turn around and take 30-minutes refusing to give a straight answer to a very simple question about due-process of law and the 5th amendment. Or spend all kinds of time and money how they might redefine the word “infringed.”

    No we have nothing to worry about – big brother is taking care of everything. (Yeah – right !)

  2. Fighting over who will eventually “cash in” on these deaths perhaps. It certainly couldn’t be because they are concealing a pedophile drug ring that operated in the area compromising people’s children in order to gain control of the county! Or, worst cases scenario: trying to force others (such as your father) to work (charitable) for the missing children’s organization so badly needed to round up these hooligans instead of training police officers to do it.

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