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  1. Cathy,

    Crane and Englehardt should have been located and interviewed. This would be a good litmus test to see if Callahaghn was doing his job or not.

    All Leads and all persons involved should be located and interviewed.

    Great work on the blogs.


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  2. Maybe an easier option would to check the home in ferndale where three girls and two boys earthly spirit resides….
    The truth is like a lion. No one has to defend it. Jah set it loose and it defends itself…

  3. What’s with Callaghan’s focus on Busch’s car? In just two paragraphs (the second and the third), Callaghan specifically asks about the which Busch car was driven and whether anything untoward happened in the vehicle, for a total of four references! Was there some kind of link to DNA or other evidence driving this line of inquiry?

  4. A hair was found on Kristine’s outer clothing in the middle of her torso. When the FBI compared Gunnel’s DNA to the mitochondrial sequence developed a few years ago on this hair, he could not be excluded as the source of this hair. (Google mitochondrial DNA versus nuclear DNA.) Over six years ago, a retired Lt/Det–whose judgment I trust–explained to me, long before we ever heard the name Vince Gunnels, that this hair may well have come from the killer. After the task force was rejuvenated, he contacted the task force to urge them to rerun this hair using modern-day technology. Here’s why he felt the hair may well have come from the killer or an associate: He believed the killer placed the victims bodies over his right shoulder when he moved them from the car to the drop sight. This detective was not privy to the crime scenes other than being present at Kristine’s location on Bruce Lane in Franklin Village. Footprints in the snow were located on the left side of Kris’ body andher left arm was shoulder height without any apparent dragging in the snow. If the killer placed Kristine over his shoulder, the hair found on her torso may well have been from him.

    So Gunnels at this point knows his mtDNA has been found on Kristine’s body. So what’s his argument? “I was in Busch’s car many times, any hair on Kristine was a simple hair transfer from her being in Busch’s car.” She merely picked up a hair from Gunnels that was already in the car because he had been in that car, too; not because he carried her face down over his shoulder to dump her body.

    1. I never put much stock in the evidence in the OCCK case against Norberg, who was a pedophile and maybe also a child/young adult killer–but not the OCCK. It seemed to me at the time that LE cobbled together and inflated the importance of evidence Norberg’s wife allegedly found after his death so they could get a court order to exhume his body. Police told the court a St. Christopher medal was found by Norberg’s wife and that it may have been Tim’s. No one in my family (my Mom was alive at the time) confirmed that Tim had been in possession of a St. Christopher medal. That’s because he never had one. My interpretation of the way police tried to confirm that the necklace with Kristine engraved on it was in fact Kristine M’s is that it was overly suggestive and reaching. Norberg was also reputed to be a drunk–someone kids would be afraid to chat with on the street and also incapable of pulling off these crimes without getting caught sooner rather than later. I truly remember reading about it in a Lexis search in the early 90’s and thinking it was bullshit. I didn’t give it a second thought. Here’s what I give a second thought to now–where the hell did the DNA they were testing his DNA against come from and how come post-2005 there was some big scramble to pull together the evidence to find a DNA sample they could test against? Were they using the hair from Kristine’s jacket to compare to Norberg’s DNA? Were they using DNA found on Mark or Tim (that the cops long denied existed)?? It was easy enough to dig up Norberg and obtain his DNA–so they must have had something to compare it to; but after 2005, suddenly this is a big problem. DNA? What DNA?? Oh, you mean the human DNA found on Tim that was misfiled by the MSP as “animal hairs”? Everything was all “lined up” with Norberg but then when more serious suspects come into the view finder down the road, it’s the Keystone Cops.

      1. I was under the impression that it was hair found on Kristine that the MSP Crime Lab were testing against Norberg’s DNA, and that it was mostly because of the possession of that cross. It does make sense if the Task Force were searching for a valid reason to exhume Norberg’s remains. Both Patterson & Anger were involved in that expedition to Recluse, Wy. and somehow I believe that Patterson (OCP) & Robertson (MSP) were at that level of knowledge about what the OCCK was really all about.

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