James Vincent Gunnels, Redux

The Oakland County Prosecutor recently responded to my Dad’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents provided to two media outlets in response to their FOIA requests (including the FOIA requests themselves).  This time she did not object, necessitating yet another trip to court.  After all, they provided this information to the media, so there was no way to make a strained argument that the father of a victim could not receive these same documents.  Most of them are documents we have already seen in the MSP files, however, the OCP wasn’t as heavy with the black magic marker.  They are basically un-redacted.  This gets interesting with the report on Vince Gunnels’ second polygraph (another post).  For now, consider this supplemental report by Jr. Brandenburg of the Montmorency Sheriff Department dated March 3, 1977.  This explains, among other things, why on March 19, 1977, the party store owner up north knew Chris Busch should not have been in the presence of minors, and why she begged police to go check out the cabin at Ess Lake.

Complaint No. 0685-77

Interview with Christopher B. Busch, on 3-3-77 at 2:30 PM.  I gave Mr. Busch his Miranda Warnings, I asked him if he would give me a written statement, on the incident at Ess Lake, with James V. Gunnels.  Mr. Busch said, I will not give any written statements until I talk to my attorney.  All I can say is that I did not use any force on James at the Cabin.  Chris stated that he did not have any local boys at Ess Lake at any time.  All the boys were from down State.  He would not mention any names of them.  Busch said he knew Gregory Green, at no time did he bring him to Ess Lake.  He said that Green was violent, and had tried to strangle a subj in Flint Michi he believed it was Kenneth Bowman.  Busch said the cops have all his movies and photographs, and are holding them.  Said he did not have any at the Cabin.  Chris stated that his problem started when he was 17 yrs, at a boarding school.  His father has had a Cabin on Ess Lake for 12 yrs and he likes it.  Chris said he had his first woman at the Cabin two weeks ago.

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  1. My pastor went to the prison to speak to James Vincent Gunnels in prison as an outreach program. Anyhow when I spoke to my pastor about my daughter communicating with the spirits of these children he interrupted ” I visited that guy in prison. he swore up and down that it was a set up” so I continued on with my unfortunate situation and he got tears in his eyes and said a prayer for truth to finally come to light. Stating my daughter is doing the lords work and to be with
    her in these rough times as she has been placed with such a huge burden.
    Please find a way to help me the same as I tried to help your family. This cover up is so encompassing that you think it was. agroup of peds when it was really a warped vietnam vet casting an evil spell on society for the ills he committed at wartime._e the allen letter to bruce danto. This is why you’ve never had an answer as the police and prosecutors botched the investigation so bad they had to keep covering once the abductions continued…tim or mark weren’t abused by pedophiles and neither were kristine and jill. These abductions weren’t about sex which is why the girls hymens were intact. The wounds afflicting mark and tims were from a blunt objec post mortem to throw off investigators. Once LBP took money to try and implicate bush and the abductions didn’t cease they had to keep lieng to society. Sad sad fact 12 other girls same age and stature as jill and kristine have gone missing and never found. All because those in power thought pedophiles we’re killing little boys but in reality it was much deeper yet much much less sinister. Trust in my claims and call for a simple search of premises. I’m sure you’d much rather know tim was actually being with a babysitter rather than a pedophile…you gain so much by trusting in my daughter and my experience in this haunted realm. this is why I’m prosecutors #1 enemy!!! One visit from a cadaver dog and their whole story is caput!!!

    The truth is like a lion…no one has to defend it…jah let it loose and it will defend itself…

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