Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit


Yesterday a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Debbie Jarvis, the mother of Kristine Mihelich, who was abducted and murdered in January 1977.  The above link does not discuss the particulars and hopefully I can read the judge’s decision to consider her rationale.  Among the comments to the link is the ever-present, classic misunderstanding of why these lawsuits get filed:  “Hey, how dare you try to cash in on the death of your child?”  I no longer respond to comments like this.  I know everyone thinks they know what they would do if they found themselves in a similar situation, but trust me–they don’t.  Debbie Jarvis isn’t after money.  She wants the feds to step in because this thing reeks so badly. 

One thing is very obvious here.  None of the leads were adequately exhausted.  Officials lament the fact that people keep talking about various suspects and theories, in essence saying “get over it; it will never be solved.”  That may be, but if that is the case, come clean about what you DO know, tell the communities it was botched so badly that there will never be adequate answers (if any at all), and quit spending money on the charade.  


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  1. pill fickleson says:

    This is damage control jah before good Friday. You warned me that those in power were reading your emails…well guess what they’re trackg my every move because I’m right and they can’t figure out how to stifle me. The address of home is in Deb Jarvis and paul hughes posession and once we call a press conference and get the truth to the light then we will not only find justice for your family but many others the feds keep trying to say aren’t linked. Keep ignoring gods work through me n my kid and the feds have mark and tims murder pinned on john wayne gacy. I heard it from head of task forces mouth…soo trucked up of an investigation they are linking the boys to an obvious ped…what about jill, kristine. Kim coon, kim king, dean marie peters, andmore than 9 others. I said we need to call a press conference to blow the lid off theis investigation and what they did yesterday is damage control. Will I end updead or locked up in a psych ward? Time will tell but I feel this latest fiasco happened through god as I am working for him and time is of the eccence. I have court on 11th and if this truth ain’t known by then they will lock me up and for whatn coming to them a year ago and stating this was the house. How dare I attempt to solve these crimes. For the last year I’ve been 86’d as a father because we’re right and this is the home.

  2. pill fickleson says:

    Sorry for numerous typos…I’ve been posting from an old cell phone as I’ve lost all my earthly posessions in the last year…

  3. pill fickleson says:

    In the fight against humanity national agencies keep full control over their police forces, security and intelligence agencies as well as judicial authorities. Well my truth is about to bring them to their knees to bow down AS prey because my truth is like a lion…no one has to defend it…jah set it loose and it will defend itself…these lying(pun intended) pigs will soon be roasting and to that many will be toasting…
    Pill Fickleson

  4. Steve Raphael says:

    Ms. Broad, I need your insight. My name is Steve Raphael and I am a veteran, way-too-veteran Detroit journalist. While free lancing for the News back in the early 1980s I was asked to check out a tip that Christopher Busch’s mother was driven in a limo to a dilapidated Flint neighborhood. The purpose of the trip was to pay off the family of a little kid who allegedly was molested by Christopher Busch. I could never confirm this but saw a similar scenario mentioned in future area newspaper stories. Do you know if this was true? Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Steve Raphael

    • cathybroad says:

      Steve, I am on the road, so I don’t have my notes, but I did refer to Vince Gunnels’ description of such an incident involving Elsie Busch in one of the blog entries. I can get you a copy of this report if you want.

  5. How dare he is right! Come clean,again sweeping these families under the carpet.

  6. uncleholmes says:

    I’m starting to wonder if this investigation got more messed up back then when the Michigan State police up in Flint got involved in the OCCK case. Seems like it might have been handled better if it were handled locally back then. This could’ve been because more of a detachment with a community such as Flint who weren’t dealing with the fear and horror of what was going on with the child killer.

    Seems like the local authorities had their eyes on Busch back when this was happening. Then when all the testing was done on Busch by the state police in Flint it was out of the local’s control. I’m wondering if the polygraph tests done on Green and Busch would’ve been different if it was done at the local communities where the killings were taking place.

    Either way there were definitely major mistakes made in this case. Like how on earth was Busch a free man after all the molesting charges filed against him? Another layer of onion to peal is the suicide of Busch. Maybe the locals knew it was him and figured now that Busch is dead no more child killings will happen.

    Another possibility is if Busch Sr. paid some authorities off to let Busch go. How on earth did he get his bond reduced to $1000?

  7. bitamoney says:

    I fail to see what the current authorities are so defensive about. They were for the lion’s share not even hired yet or born yet when the OCCK case was bungled. So why are they so ashamed of releasing files that they didn’t even write? They need to abstract themselves and do the Michigan community a favor by releasing what they know. As an extreme example of what I’m talking about, should Scotland Yard refuse to release Ripper files because authorities bungled the case in 1888? Just ridiculous.

  8. uncleholmes says:

    I don’t remember if it was in one of Cathy’s articles. But I’m wondering if the authorities questioned Busch after Tim King got abducted. They knew he was a pedophile and already questioned him before Tim Kings abduction. Timing is everything here. If they already ruled him out because he passed the polygraph up in Flint and no longer questioned him after King got abducted then this would’ve been tragic. And he had a car similar to the blue Gremlin with the white stripe.

    The only way Busch will ever go away is if the authorities come clean about what really happened with Busch and admit there might have been errors. Otherwise the authorities are going to look guilty of covering something up.

  9. cathybroad says:

    I agree with you, uncleholmes. And you make a critical point–no where in any of the FOIA documents produced about Busch does it indicate that anyone ever circled back to Busch when Tim went missing some two weeks after Busch got the get-out-of-jail free ($1,000 versus $75,000–same thing) and returned to his parents’ house on Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Village/Birmingham. MSP polygrapher Ralph Cabot’s flawed polygraphs of Busch and Greg Green were the end of any further discussion. When Green contacted Flint Sgt. Tom Waldron from prison a few years later to again discuss Busch’s involvement in the child killings, Flint PD wouldn’t approve a visit to again interview Green. Why? Because Busch was cleared by polygraph. End of discussion.

  10. jc says:

    Need to get a hold of Deborah Jarvis I may have some information regarding Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich and Timothy king. This is related to a family member who I know grew up and went to school in royal oak during the time of the murders. I have tried emailing the Michigan state police and still have not gotten a response. Would appreciate it,if you can contact me as soon as possible

    • cathybroad says:

      Please send another comment here and start out with DO NOT POST. I will read your info and get back to you ASAP. I would simply email you at the address you list, but I have gotten burned lately with that approach.

  11. bardoa says:

    I just listened to an episode that covered your brothers case on Crime Junkie Podcast. I can’t imagine the amount of pain that you and your family have experienced. My brother was victim of sexual assault. It’s something I’ve buried deep down, and as an adult I can’t keep it from bubbling up any longer. I am about to try to file charges on his behalf, as my brother is now deceased, and hope to bring his monster to justice. I commend your devotion to your brother and I hope you and your family will see some type of resolution.

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